Disney Beating DeSantis in Popularity Among Nation

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The battle between Walt Disney World and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis feels like it’s been going on forever at this point.

To quickly recap: last year, DeSantis proposed his now-infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill, a bill that-at the time only affected kindergarten through third grade students-prohibited teachers from educating students on sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill, which has now expanded through twelfth grade, was not supported by Walt Disney World or former Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

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DeSantis sought retaliation for the perceived slight against him and his position as governor, and has since strived to attack Disney World and Florida’s LGBTQ+ community. He’s replaced Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District with his own Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board, joked about putting a state prison next to the theme park, passed highly discriminatory anti-trans and gender affirming care laws, and promised to “make America Florida” as his presidential campaign.

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Last week, a group of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and DeSantis supporters were seen protesting outside the Walt Disney World gates, shouting slurs and waving flags at passersby. This incident, which was reported by Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani, has gone noticeably ignored by DeSantis. According to a new poll by Navigator Research, DeSantis’s popularity has steadily declined since November of last year, while Disney’s has remained the same.

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The poll showed that DeSantis has dropped from a +2 favorability to -16, while Disney saw a shift from +32 to +31. According to Axios, Disney was ranked as the fifth most polarizing brand out of 100 companies thanks to their feud with the Florida Governor, but it hasn’t appeared to affect the company’s overall popularity.

Off-Season for Walt Disney World Resort
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As DeSantis has begun his presidential campaign, he’s received lackluster welcomes from fans and voters as many claim he has no support outside the state of Florida. Disney, on the other hand, continues to draw millions of people to their Parks, selling out both nights of Disneyland’s Pride Nite, proving that fans will continue to support the House of Mouse.

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Other results of the Navigator Research poll show that voters from every political and racial background also believe Disney to be in the right against DeSantis. As Disney continues to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community, DeSantis seems currently destined to lose the popularity contest, which may hurt his chances in the presidential race.

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