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Shocked DeSantis looking at Walt Disney World Castle

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Samy Sam

    Ron is right and keeps on winning while Iger proves what a failure he is. CFO Christine just left Disney while the company under Iger continues to loose with WDW cheap tixs for Florida residence because of low attendance while Universal attendance increases with better new rides, lands, and a new future park. We will be going to Orlando next year and not visit any of Disney Parks for the first time.

  2. jackie

    Does ITM think that if they keep repeating this over and over we are actually going to believe it? Sounds like Corn Pop and the Dems telling us the country is doing great when it is not. Florida is thriving under the great Governor DeSantis. Disney keeps having “Bud Light” moments. Ask the shareholders just how great Disney is doing.

  3. Bart

    You poor thing. I drink your conservative tears. Yech, salty.

  4. Noneyo

    Sorry pal… no corporation that wants to be in business in 20 years is going to take the side which not just unpopular but unpopular with everyone under 40 by a ratio of 2-to-1.

    No backlash coming… and no returning to the dark ages where people had to hide or get arrested for being gay/queer/trans. No one is going to stand for it… especially when we are the growing majority.

    And… ironically it is we the younger generation who are telling you that you have to be a grown-up and acceept that other people’s “perversions” in how they live are not something you can demand they hide. They make you uncomfortable? Congrats Mr. Taliban… you should be right at home in a country where women are beaten and jailed because not wearing a burka makes men uncomfortable.

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