Bruce Timm’s New ‘Batman’ Series Isn’t for Kids

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It has been long since Bruce Timm worked on a Batman series of his own creation. He is credited with creating two of the best in the long-standing Dark Knight’s continuity: Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. Now, he has brought along Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams as producers. This powerhouse of creators has put together a new series that Timm says will not be kid-centric.

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Batman has always had a much darker origin story than most superheroes, so his Rogues Gallery has matched that same level of tragedy. Some of the villains that are core to Batman’s story are just downright brutal. Though Timm helped to create the original animated series, it was geared more towards appealing to children, considering it was on the WB’s earlier animated shows.

Though the show was increasingly action-packed, it did not delve into too many adult themes, as the 1990s would have likely torn that series to shreds critically if it had.

Timm has longed to play around with a more contemporary version of Batman that draws on the psychological aspects of the hero, along with the sometimes horrific villains and situations he deals with. It appears that is now what Timm has been permitted to do.

‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Will Explore Deeper Adult Themes

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During the ongoing Annecy Festival, Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network Studios, and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe all presented together as one, though they are three separate entities. Three executives spoke in-depth about the upcoming slate of animated shows appearing in the future, one being the new Batman: Caped Crusader.

Warner Bros. Animation head Peter Girardi spoke about the upcoming series revolving around the Dark Knight and how it will differ from Timm’s original animated series. According to Girardi:

“It’s everything that Bruce Timm wanted to do in the original series [the 1992 “Batman, the Animated Series”] but because it ran on a kid’s channel, he wasn’t able to do it. So this definitely skews older. It’s more of his complete vision.”

This is certainly exciting for a variety of reasons. Batman: The Animated Series is said to be the Magnum Opus of animated ventures centering around DC’s best hero; however, this new series might accomplish what the current films have been doing.

The hero has always existed in a more grounded realism than most other superheroes do not, which Christopher Nolan handled well—and what Matt Reeves is also currently doing.

One of the better stories told within this universe is Court of the Owls, which focuses on a secret society in Gotham that controls the workings of the entire city. During this comic event, Bruce Wayne is trapped by the Court and must endure deep psychological torture as he is held captive for quite some time.

Bruce Wayne has always had a psyche that teeters between insanity and sanity, as he is just an average human with a ton of money. He dresses up like a bat to scare criminals into sharing his deepest fear. While there is more to the hero, which is why DC fans have made him arguably the most popular superhero ever, there are always the psychological aspects that we love seeing explored deeply.

As stated, most villains share disturbing pasts in how they were created, which is why they are always locked up in Arkham—a mental hospital.

It sounds like Bruce Timm wants to explore that deeply disturbing psychology of Batman’s life, and we are here for it.

There was some early footage of the show shown at Annecy, which can be described as “suggested the series will be ultra-noir, with a series of character designs playing at Annecy to a pumping full orchestra score that suggested a brooding tone and a sense of the near-psychotic in characters’ psychology.”

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We can’t wait to see this series, especially with the trio of Timm, Abrams, and Reeves working together. The series was initially supposed to air on HBO Max (MAX) but has since been given a two-season order at Amazon Prime Studios. We can’t wait to see a trailer.

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