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Credit: HBO


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    1. jal11180

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  3. J

    Can. Not. Wait.

  4. Robert K

    Can’t wait to see new series!

  5. Caren Standing

    I went to junior high with Bruce Timm. We all knew he’d make a name for himself in animation. He drew the cover of one of our yearbooks. Wish I still had it! Congratulations on your success, Bruce. Can’t wait for the series!

  6. jacob

    Batman has always been the one character I fanboy over. A lot of my admiration comes from his deep list of rogues. And I’ve always imagined seeing live-action films or series, willing to capture the darker and psychological aspects of Batman’s villains and stories.

  7. LegoGuru2000

    The series is listed as having rating of TV-Y7 which means appropriate for 7 and older and that means kids are still included. He better be careful with exactly what he ads that he claims is not for kids as his series could end up getting the Disney walk-away treatment if parents believe it’s unsafe for their kid to watch.

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