What Are the Healthiest Snacks in Disney World?

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How healthy is your favorite Disney Park snack?

So many iconic snacks flood the food scene at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But that doesn’t mean all those beloved Disney classics are necessarily the best options around, especially for more health-conscious visitors. So, what are you supposed to do while everyone else is wolfing down jumbo turkey legs, gobbling up Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bars, or even diving into a decadent Kitchen Sink Sundae? Here at Inside the Magic, we’ve compiled this guide of healthier snacking alternatives at Disney World just for you.

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Packaged Pickles

Does our first pick surprise you? It shouldn’t. A crisp, packaged pickle is actually one of the most underrated healthy snacks a Guest visiting Walt Disney World Resort can opt for. They are tangy and tasty, and pickles are packed with antioxidants and even electrolytes. They may even benefit you by keeping you hydrated and balanced.

Sole pickle packs can be purchased from multiple locations throughout Disney World. You’ll find them at various Disney Resort food courts, and Park produce markets, like Prince Eric’s Village Market and Liberty Square Market (both at Magic Kingdom Park) and Anaheim Produce at Hollywood Studios. Pickle fans also take note of the delicious house-made pickles available from Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT.

Packaged pickle alongside Regal Eagle's house-made pickles

Vegetable Combos/Veggie Sticks

You can never go wrong when you swipe out that side of chips or fries for a couple of veggie sticks. Carrots and celery are popular picks, but many other alternate options are available, too, including side salads and veggie combo packets that come with dip or hummus. Options can be found in the grab-and-go section at most Resort food courts as well as at various quick-service stops and kiosks throughout Disney Parks.

The Takodana Veggie Dippers option is one of our favorite recommendations for a more filling veggie-based light bite. You will find it at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo over in Hollywood Studios.

Veggie Dippers at Docking Bay/Hollywood Studios
Credit: Vegan Disney World

Fruit Cups/Fresh Fruit

It’s refreshing to know that you can find fresh assorted fruit varieties, fruit cups, and even fruit and cheese combo mixes available at so many Disney World locations. From three-pack Cuties-brand mandarins to bags of grapes or apple slices, fresh apples to bananas, the options are seemingly boundless.

You can most notably find fruity favorites at any Resort food court. Many are also offered as side or snack options. Some well-known locations that serve fresh fruit include Prince Eric’s Village Market, Liberty Square Market, Anaheim Produce, Harambe Fruit Market (at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park), BoardWalk Deli, and Sunshine Seasons Food Court in EPCOT.

Liberty Square Market produce display
Credit: Disney


Need a smaller yet filling light bite? Try a yogurt cup or even a cup/pouch of applesauce. They are surprisingly available at many quick-service locations and snack kiosks, all throughout Disney World. They can also primarily be found within the refrigerated section in most Resort food courts.

Many yogurt offerings come in small cups, like the Greek yogurt cups you can get as a side at Pinocchio Village Haus in Magic Kingdom Park. Some venues like to jazz up the yogurt as a specialty parfait, featured on many breakfast or dessert menus. One example is the Yogurt Parfait from Centertown Market at Caribbean Beach Resort, which comes as vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit and honey granola. They also have many other aforementioned items of great acclaim, including applesauce sides, blueberry Greek nonfat yogurt, dried fruit, and a delicious strawberry-flavored yogurt smoothie.

Disney World made yogurt parfait
Credit: Disney

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Regular Popcorn

Yes, that regular, ordinary version of popcorn you can find almost anywhere throughout Disney World is one of the healthiest so-called “junk foods” around. Just compare its calorie and fat contents to other snacks, like chips and fries, and you’ll see for yourself that there is no comparison. Of course, I am referring strictly to the standard popcorn flavor. While popcorn generally comes with a light salt and buttery taste, Disney World popcorn contains no dairy or other major allergens and is entirely vegan and gluten-free.

Girl holding up classic popcorn bag from Disney World
Credit: Disney

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Ice Cream Alternatives

Here’s a broad category that takes on many different styles and formats. The common objective here is to offer better-for-you alternatives to traditional ice cream. One of the most notable options on the list is the iconic Dole Whip, which is just as much a beloved staple at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, as it is at Walt Disney World Resort. And yes, it is surprisingly healthy, all things considered. They’re also low-fat, gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and vegan.

Another popular pick at Disney World is Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade. And there are many places to find those. Then there are also delightful options like shaved ice, all-natural fruit popsicles, and many more considerations, taking the edge off your sacrifice in forgoing all those traditional ice cream delights.

Disney Dole Whips
Credit: Disney

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Fresh Smoothies 

Another optimal option for keeping things deliciously cool at Disney World is to sip on one of many fresh fruit smoothie offerings around. So many delightful venues serve them, including most poolside bars at Disney Resorts. In fact, you can often enjoy a typically offered spirited beverage sans the alcohol as well. Some of our favorite fresh smoothie destinations throughout Disney World include Café Rix at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Mari Grogs at Disney’s Port Orleans—French Quarter, Aunty Gravity’s Galactic Goodies at Magic Kingdom Park, and Royal Anandapur Tea Company at the Animal Kingdom.

Joffrey's Smoothies
Credit: Disney

This list provides only a few examples of the myriad of other healthy snack options to be found throughout Walt Disney World Resort. Are there any others you feel should be added to our list? Let us know in the comments.

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