Splash Mountain Reportedly “Busted,” In “Rough,” “Awful” Shape Ahead of Closure

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Splash Mountain attraction

Credit: Disney

Fans are saying final goodbyes to Splash Mountain at Disneyland Resort ahead of its closure at the end of the month. The water ride will reopen as Princess and the Frog (2009) themed Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park in 2024.

Unfortunately for dedicated fans, maintenance teams have abandoned the doomed attraction. On Reddit this week, hundreds of Disney Parks Guests shared the dismal conditions they witnessed on Splash Mountain.

“I rode the other day… and I’m sorry but the ride looks BUSTED,” said u/lucyparke. “Y’all know that scene in Goofy Movie where they stop at that ghetto dinner show thing and the animatronics are terrible? Reminds me of that.”

Guests on boat in Splash Mountain
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

“It was getting bad even before they had a retheme planned and officially greenlit,” u/Haunteddoll28 wrote. “It’s just the nature of the log flume. Small rooms filled with water that splashes all over the place leads to a lot of issues. It’s why most log flumes are almost entirely outdoors.”

“The ride has been in pretty awful shape for many years now,” u/WoodFirePizzaIsGood agreed. “Probably since 2016-2017 there have been constant reports of broken lights, figures that are missing or don’t work, and poor maintenance all around. The lighting is especially rough… So hopefully the upcoming retheme will fix any of the issues that make the ride difficult to maintain. Honestly it’s long overdue.”

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Next month, Tokyo Disneyland will be the only Disney Park worldwide with a Splash Mountain. Walt Disney World Resort closed its version of the log flume ride in January, and construction on the Princess Tiana retheme is well underway.

The exterior of Disneyland's Splash Mountain at dusk.
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“Drop into a whimsical world filled with classic characters and songs on this thrilling log-flume adventure,” the official Disney ride description reads. “Hop inside a hollow log and float through a colorful bayou as you follow happy-go-lucky Br’er Rabbit to his ‘laughing place.’ But be warned: Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox are in hot pursuit of this wayward hare.”

“Glide past over 100 talking, singing, storytelling Audio-Animatronics critters who inhabit Splash Mountain and offer up their own slice of down-home culture. Sing along to classic Disney ditties, including ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.’ Then, brace yourself for the big finale—this musical cruise ends in a thrilling 5-story splashdown!”

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