Marvel Enters Dangerous Waters with New Godlike Villains

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Marvel is in a strange, yet unexpected, transitional period. With the recent news surrounding the accusations against Johnathan Majors, Kang the Conquerer’s future is more than a little uncertain, making things very difficult for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Josh Brolin's Thanos in Endgame
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Something many hardcore superhero fans might notice is that the newest batch of baddies is starting to fall into a specific pattern, they’re trying to outdo Thanos. What’s the step beyond a Mad Titan? Giant evil gods.

The Gods and Monsters of Marvel

Arishem The Judge Celestials from Marvels Eternals
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One of the many reasons Marvel is faced with a case of superhero fatigue is that they’re trying to get too big too fast with their next phase. Even with the Infinity Saga, it took the MCU 10+ films for any of the heroes to even get near Thanos, and yet we’ve got Ant-Man and the Wasp knocking on the front door of the Quantum Realm.

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That all being said, the next logical step in the MCU’s evolution is a threat that doesn’t just want to destroy/conquer the universe, but command it and reshape it into their own design. Kang didn’t just want to balance the universe like Thanos before him, he wanted complete multiversal dominance.

High Evolutionary against a red background
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Here’s where things start to get hairy, we’ve already seen Marvel go the next step on the path to their heroes fighting literal gods. One of the best quotes from the High Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was “There is no God, that’s why I stepped in.” How long will it be before we see the next link in the chain?

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On one hand, if Marvel keeps going down this path, we might finally get to see the MCU version of Galactus. On the other, they might be charging full steam ahead to the end of the line. So how does the studio balance things out?

Christian Bale as Gorr
Credit: Marvel Studios

There’s nothing wrong with godlike entities in the realms of superheroes, just look at Thor. However, Marvel is moving too fast for the audience to catch its breath after the Infinity War. To quote Mrs. Doubtfire, let the sheets cool down a little.

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Thankfully, there are Marvel projects in the works that don’t require something as big and incomprehensible as a celestial deity wanting to confound the sacred timeline. With any luck, the upcoming entries to the MCU will allow both the studio and the audience to step back to prepare themselves for the next Avengers-level threat.

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