How to Drink Around the World at EPCOT Without the Alcohol

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One of the most popular things to do at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT is drinking around the world.

Essentially, Guests go around the World Showcase and get drinks from each of the 11 pavilions. While a big draw for many Guests, it’s unfortunately caused the Park to gain a reputation and the Park for drunks and has caused many people to call for an end to the drinking culture. While pretty much all the Parks at Walt Disney World (except for Magic Kingdom) serve alcohol at quick service locations, EPCOT has the biggest ties to alcohol.

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With many people calling for an end to the amount drinking, and the hottest time of the year coming to Florida, a recent Reddit post is asking for suggestions on how to “drink around the world” without any of the alcohol. Several of the comments mention that each pavilion may have a unique mocktail available for Guests, although it may not be the exact same offering as the alcoholic version.

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Other comments suggested eating around the world. Each pavilion has a quick service location, with a few also offering a sit-down restaurant, that offers a variety of ethnic dishes, snacks, and desserts. This could be a great option for those not wanting to drink anything alcoholic but still participate in the “around the world” feel of the challenge, especially when prices between food and drinks are comparable.

Two Guests at Disney World drinking wine in the France Pavilion at EPCOT during the international food & wine festival.
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Another great option is to utilize the seasonal festivals. During each of the four festivals (International Festival of the Arts, International Flower & Garden Festival, International Food & Wine Festival, and International Festival of the Holidays), there are a variety of seasonal booths offering unique food tastings from different countries. Guests can sample tastings from Brazil, Ireland, Australia, Greece, and many other additional countries, allowing a completely unique way to experience the challenge.

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People choose not to drink for a variety of reasons: health, pregnancy, personal choice, or dozens of other reasons. While Guests who want to partake in drinking should be allowed to do so (responsibly!), it can be disappointing for those who want to enjoy the around the world challenge without the need for alcohol. Between mocktails, snacks, desserts, and festival samples, there are thankfully plenty of non-alcoholic options for everyone!

What is your best way to experience the around the world challenge at EPCOT? Share your experience in the comments below!

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