Thor Star Replaced by Guardian of the Galaxy

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Angela seen with Chris Hemsworth

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Many of our modern favorites of the silver screen have made a name for themselves saving the universe with Marvel’s mightiest heroes. Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and more have defined their careers playing our favorite superheroes, but with a new phase of the MCU underway, it might be time to bring in some new blood.

Chris Hemsworth might be fine with not returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all, leaving his role up in the air; Chris Hemsworth on the let and his Character Thor on the right
Credit: Inside the Magic

Recent developments in and out of the MCU have had certain actors and characters stepping away from the series. While characters like Iron Man and Captain America are understandably departing for plot purposes, we weren’t expecting Chris Hemsworth to step down as Thor any time soon.

Thor Exits the MCU

Chris Hemsworth as a Consfused Thor marvel
Credit: Marvel Studios

Although he has played Marvel’s god of thunder for many years, Chris Hemsworth recently announced he will take a break from acting to focus on family and recover from a health condition. While we’re obviously happy the actor is taking time to care for himself and his priorities, that does leave the Avengers with another vacant spot on the team.

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While some might be crossing their fingers and toes for Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster to return from Valhalla to reprise the mantle of Lady Thor, the Asgardian’s replacement might have already been picked, and she packs much more of a wallop than someone borrowing Mjolnir.

Enter Angela

Angela in Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

With characters like Adam Warlock being introduced in the finale of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy series, it might not be long before we see another comic fan favorite as well. If Hemsworth is hanging up the cape as Thor, we might see his sister joining the fray.

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For those unfamiliar with Marvel Comics, Angela Odinsdottir is an Asgardian adopted by the angelic realms created by the legendary Neil Gaiman before he sold her to Marvel. Angela is what Captain Marvel wishes she could be, as she wields incredible strength, cosmic powers, and a massive sword. Considering her history with both Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, why not introduce her and have her take her brother’s spot?

Angela seen with the Guardians
Credit: Marvel Comics

Angela is just as powerful, but not quite as goofy as her brother. However, she’s the kind of female superhero guaranteed to please fans. Having served with alongside her brother, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Angela definitely has the qualifications to be the next Asgardian Avenger.

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While James Gunn would be the ideal person to bring this character to life, Taika Waititi would have an absolute ball bringing her to the big screen, especially if he gives her a splash of Ragnarok’s colorful flavor. Either way, the potential is there for a new flavor to take up the mantel of Thor.

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