‘What If…?’ Could Involve Neil Gaiman Storyline

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Neil Gaiman with the Watcher

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Despite the reviews and backlash from recent projects like Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaMarvel can still produce exciting and engaging material for its enormous fanbase, especially in the MCU. As a new player enters the game, Marvel fans might want to pay close attention to the upcoming developments in the multiverse.

Age of Ultron
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The MCU has no shortage of incredible heroes, Avengers, underdogs, and beyond, and it has pulled all of its most famous and most beloved characters from the pages and panels of the comics. However, Marvel has just announced a new original character made entirely for the MCU.

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If the name “Kahhori” doesn’t ring any bells, that’s because she is an entirely new character set to debut in the upcoming season of What If…? on Disney+. Although very little is known about the native American heroine, but it might bode some pretty good tidings for seasoned Marvel veterans.

Marvel reveals Kahhori through Funko
Credit: Funko

While Kahhori isn’t the first native American superhero in Marvel’s catalog, she could be the first step in a big multiverse development. Her appearance and attire could allude to Marvel fans finally getting an introduction to Neil Gaiman’s Marvel 1602 in the MCU.

1602 Avengers
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Marvel 1602 is an ideal multiverse narrative, as it recasts Marvel’s best and brightest discovering the New World in the age of Elizabethan England, perilous expeditions, and “witchbreeds.” The original comic run by Gaiman perfectly lends itself to an entire season of the Disney+ series, but fans will absolutely devour the idea even if it’s just for a single episode. With the heavy use of native American influences on characters like 1602’s variant of Captain America, the evidence is certainly there.

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Granted, this is all pure speculation, as a Funko figure is all fans currently have to go on at this point. However, it’s not every day that Marvel creates a new hero strictly for the MCU without them existing in the comics first. Whether Kahhori is a product of the 1602 universe or a new hero set to join the team against an Avengers-level threat, the Watcher won’t be the only one paying attention as her story develops.

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