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With the recent news coming out of Lucasfilm, it’s safe to say that it’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan. Although the beloved Mandalorian might be at a close with Mando and Grogu, they still have Visions, Ahsoka, and more to keep them entertained. That being said, it’s a bigger galaxy than some might realize.

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The Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest expanded universes in all of modern fiction, and there are still volumes of stories left to be told after the credits roll. With the success of Marvel’s multiverse, it might be time for Lucasfilm to introduce a similar concept.

Star Wars: What If..?

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Anyone who’s been a fan of the galaxy far, far away for a long while knows about the branching pathways in some of the material in the extended universe. There’s practically an entire archive dedicated to the written works alone, so it’s not like the franchise is in want of material. However, some fans are taking to social media and begging for a What If..? series using the Star Wars canon.

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Although something similar exists in the comics, fans really need a truly visual experience. Additionally, this would definitely be a great excuse for Disney and Lucasfilm to tell separate stories from the Legends series and beyond. Already, many fans have posted several scenarios that would be in the same vein of its Marvel counterpart.


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Both @_thekimchicowboy and @mythicjedi offer up their suggestions for What If…? scenarios, the latter user has quite a few scenarios that fans would absolutely kill to see brought to life. Titles like “What If Vader Lived at the End of Return of the Jedi” or “What If Order 66 Failed” are just two prime examples of perfect concepts for a series of this caliber.

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Furthermore, it would be a great opportunity for Disney and Lucasfilm’s animation department to experiment with different styles and storytelling message. After all, why should the artists featured in Star Wars: Visions have all the fun?

The point here isn’t that Star Wars/Disney needs to make this happen, but that the market and fanbase for a project like this is present, vocal, and (as demonstrated by @_thekimchicowboy) begging for it. Star Wars already has a slew of new material coming out, why not indulge in a little fantasy and fanservice along the way?

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