New Updates on Disney World’s Indefinitely-Closed Area

in Walt Disney World

World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT at Disney World

Credit: Bioreconstruct, Twitter

A major area at a Walt Disney World theme park remains closed, with new photos revealing its current state and new progress.

Performers in front of Spaceship Earth
Credit: D23

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If you’ve visited Walt Disney World recently, then you know that there are quite a few changes currently happening. From new rides and attractions to a complete overhaul of some of Disney’s most iconic hotels, the Disney World experience is never the same.

However, the biggest changes can be found at Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or EPCOT.

Japan pavilion at EPCOT with the lake and Spaceship Earth in the distance
Credit: Disney

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As you may already be well aware, EPCOT is facing a bit of an identity crisis. Years ago, Disney unveiled its plans to overhaul the theme park in major ways, closing lands and renaming several areas of the Park.

EPCOT is now divided into four main sections: World Discovery, World Showcase, World Nature, and World Celebration. The biggest elements of the remodel are World Celebration and World Nature. World Nature is already partially open. The other land, World Celebration, has been closed for several years, and there is still no timeline for when it might open.

Soon, EPCOT will be home to several new experiences as well as an all-new attraction themed around Disney’s Moana franchise.

Te Fiti at EPCOT's Journey of Water Inspired by 'Moana'
Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering

In the last few weeks, Disney has been working hard on removing all traces of Harmonious from the Park as well. Harmonious was EPCOT’s nighttime show that featured lights, pyrotechnics, and a new soundtrack. This show replaced Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, a decision that proved to be quite controversial.

All of the barges have been removed from World Showcase Lagoon and destroyed. Disney is even going so far as to remove the on-demand version of Harmonious from its Disney+ streaming platform, indicating Disney wants to wipe the show from Guest’s memory as soon as possible.

Recently, several photos were snapped of the current status of EPCOT’s transformation by avid Disney World photographer bioreconstruct:

CommuniCore Plaza is currently still a major work in progress, with walls sectioning off the area of the Park from Guests:

An aerial view of the central plaza can be seen below:

World Celebration is still an active construction site, with various tools, equipment, and materials still scattered across the closed land:

Soon, EPCOT will be a completely new experience, and we can’t wait for its transformation to be completed. However, as of now, we can’t blame you if you choose to visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios instead.

Are you excited about EPCOT’s future? What’s your favorite theme park at Walt Disney World?

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