Disney Erases Attraction From History After Permanently Destroying It

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Disney is attempting to erase an infamous attraction from history after permanently closing it earlier this year.

Japan pavilion at EPCOT with the lake and Spaceship Earth in the distance
Credit: Disney

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When Guests visit The Walt Disney World Resort, they have the chance to ride and experience dozens of amazing rides and attractions. From thrilling adventures through space at EPCOT on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind to classic dark rides like Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdon, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

However, Guests will find more to do at the four theme parks than just roller coasters and boat rides. Walt Disney World offers tons of live entertainment too, in the form of stage shows and nighttime spectaculars.

Magic Kingdom fireworks at night
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Guests will find some incredible nighttime shows at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Over the years, Disney has introduced several incredible shows and performances at its theme parks.

However, Disney recently permanently closed one of its most controversial additions to the Orlando Resort and is now beginning to wipe it from existence entirely.

Epcot harmonious
Credit: Disney

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Harmonious, EPCOT’s most recent nighttime spectacular, soft-opened to Guests back in 2021 and instantly became one of the most controversial attractions at Walt Disney World. The show truly was nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before, including pyrotechnics, lighting, fountains, and music, all working together to create harmony within the theme park.

This show closed earlier in 2023, with Disney wasting no time on destroying the remnants of the infamous barges at World Showcase Lagoon. However, what’s more surprising is Disney essentially erasing the show from history, removing the recorded version of the show on its streaming platform Disney+.

This was just confirmed by Scott Gustin on Twitter:

The Disney+ content removal lists floating around are not finalized – but I was able to 100% confirm Harmonious Live! WILL be removed from Disney+ next week. 

Starting next week, Guests and fans alike will no longer be able to watch Harmonious from the comfort of their homes.

As you can see, Disney is wasting no time in dismantling and destroying Hamronious. A new show is expected to replace Hamrnious sometime in 2023.

Did you enjoy Hamronious at EPCOT? What’s your favorite nighttime show at Walt Disney World?

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