Disney Continues to Destroy Divisive Attraction, New Experience on The Way

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World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT at Disney World

Credit: Bioreconstruct, Twitter

Disney continues to destroy and dismantle one of its most divisive attractions at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida.

EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: EPCOT

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If you’ve been to Disney World recently, then you’ll know EPCOT is not the same theme park we know and love. Disney has been renovating and overhauling a majority of the theme park, adding new experiences, rides, and attractions. The most recent addition was Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the Park’s first-ever roller coaster. This thrilling adventure places Guests on a mission to, well, guard the galaxy with the entire crew from Marvel’s most unique series of films.

EPCOT has certainly seen its fair share of controversies, too, with one of the most divisive rides, Mission: SPACE, being found at the Park. However, EPCOT is currently being transformed into a brand-new Park.

Soon, EPCOT will be home to a new attraction inspired by Dsienys’s Moana franchise. As part of this transformation, one infamous attraction closed forever earlier in 2023, and we can’t say we’re that sad to see it go.

Credit: bioreconstruct

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Harmonious, EPCOT’s most recent nighttime spectacular, soft-opened to Guests back in 2021 and instantly became one of the most controversial attractions at Walt Disney World. The show truly was nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before, including pyrotechnics, lighting, fountains, and music, all working together to create harmony within the theme park.

Unfortunately, this new show did not please a large majority of Guests. The attraction faced criticism from the jump. At the very beginning of the show, fans were torn on the new look as well as hated the fact that part of the show obstructed the view across the World Showcase Lagoon. Some called the show a “grotesque” addition to the Disney Parks.

Disney permanently closed this attraction in 2023, with crews working quickly to dismantle the barges located in World Showcase Lagoon. As you can see in the photos shared here, work is well underway for the upcoming replacement to Harmonious.

Cranes now tower over the backstage areas of EPCOT to help deconstruct Harmonious as well as construct the new upcoming show.

Not much is known about Harmonious’ replacement, though Disney states we will see it sometime in 2023.

Will you miss Harmonious? What’s your favorite Park at Walt Disney World?

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