Park Price Increases Are Coming to Disney Next Month

in Shanghai Disneyland

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Disney is planning on increasing the cost of tickets at one of its Resorts very, very soon.

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If you’ve planned a trip to Disney in the last five years, you have surely noticed how prices continue to rise. From the cost of tickets to more expensive food, a trip to Disney will empty your wallet considerably more than it used to.

Since 1971, Walt Disney World prices have increased nearly 3,000%, blowing past the rate of rent, gasoline prices, and, of course, inflation. COVID-19 is a major factor in the cost of a Disney vacation.

Due to COVID-19 and other factors, the Guest experience has looked quite a bit different in recent months at Disney. A big change has been the price increases at all Disney Parks, Resorts, hotels, and restaurants across the world. From Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to Tokyo Disney, Guests have come to expect that their Disney vacation will cost a little more than it used to pre-COVID.

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Unfortunately, price increases are not just limited to the American Disney Parks and Resorts. We’ve seen price increases hit every Disney Resort across the globe, including the Disneyland Paris Resort, Tokyo Disneyland Resort, and Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

At Shangai specifically, Disney is planning on increasing the cost of tickets this summer.

Starting June 23, 2023, Shanghai Disney Resort will adjust its pricing rate for admission to Shanghai Disneyland. The new definition and rate for the four-tiered pricing structure are as follows:

  • “Regular” price of admission to Shanghai Disneyland, covering most of the weekdays and selected weekends, is set at 475 RMB;
  • “Regular Plus” price of admission will cover selected weekends and selected weekdays, and is set at 599 RMB;
  • “Peak” price of admission, which covers most of the days in summer season, selected Chinese statutory holiday periods (including their shoulder days), internationally recognized celebration periods, park special event days, and other peak visitation days, is set at 719 RMB;
  • “Peak Plus” price of admission, covering selected Chinese statutory holiday periods, park special event days and selected days in summer season, is set at 799 RMB.
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Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland will notice that food prices have increased in recent months as well, something Inside the Magic reported earlier this month. While a trip to Disney has always been expensive, all of the changes to the cost of a trip may prove too much for some Guests.

This is not to say that Disney has not invested properly in its Parks division, as both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as the international Parks, have all opened new and exciting experiences for Guests to enjoy.

However, we can’t blame you if you don’t want to put down some extra cheddar to see “The Mouse.”

What are your thoughts on Disney increasing its prices? Have you been to Disney recently?

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