Abigail Disney Compares Walt and Family To ‘Succession’

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After watching an episode of the hit HBO Max show Succession (2018-2023), Disney heiress Abigail Disney took to Twitter to compare the events of the episode with her own corporate experiences.

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Abigail Disney is the daughter of Roy E. Disney and the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, who co-founded the Walt Disney Company alongside her uncle, Walt Disney. Referred to as the Disney heiress, she has become a renowned activist and documentary filmmaker. She has repeatedly spoken out about the status of the Disney corporation, the state of the Disney Parks, and financial issues as a member of the Patriotic Millionaire organization.

As someone who has been critical of corporate bigwigs, it’s no surprise that Abigail Disney is a massive fan of Succession. The comedy-drama has seen record numbers for HBO and won numerous accolades, mainly due to mind-blowing performances from Brian Cox as Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy, Matthew Macfayden as Tom Wambsgans, and Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg.

Abigail Disney has consistently praised the show on her Twitter account, including a recent post where she compared the “Tailgate Party” episode to her experiences with the rich and powerful.

Abigail Disney: ‘Succession’ Confirmed “My Own Experience of People at the Top.”

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Upon the release of the seventh episode of the final season of Succession, filmmaker Abigail Disney immediately took to Twitter to share how the events of the tailgate party reflected her own experiences surrounded by the corporate elite.

“Wow, Succession was bru-TAL tonight. But it confirms my own experience of people at the top. Most of them tend to be overselling everything: themselves, their numbers, their ideas, the future. Throw just a handful of truth serum into the mix and everything collapses.”

Abigail Disney continued in a follow-up Tweet, saying, “The best illustration of the diff between Logan and his kids is how anger works for Roman vs how it worked for Logan. In Logan, anger always resulted in an outcome he wanted. But Roman’s anger is pure flailing and complete self-destruction.”

While she never mentions any of her own family directly, one can’t help but think of Walt, Roy, and the rest of the Disney family. This is especially true considering that Abigail Disney has much more liberal views than the rest of her family, something she shares with Shiv Roy from Succession.

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