Stitch Called “Abomination” In Live-Action Reveal

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Lilo and Stitch animated movie moment at the background and Stitch on the front

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Perhaps the most interesting live-action remake on everyone’s radar is the upcoming adaptation of Lilo & Stitch. The cast list isn’t even finalized yet, and already the film has been met with controversy and disdain from the audience. While Nani’s recent casting choice has been raked across the coals for “white-washing,” she’s not the only one that’s been doomed from the start.

Lilo dances with Stitch wearing a hula skirt
Credit: Disney

Many Disney fans are up in arms at the fact that one of Disney’s biggest and most-successful characters is even being considered for a remake, but they’ll likely be even more upset once they see what the studio has done to our favorite blue troublemaker. A piece of artwork recently surfaced on TikTok of a live-action Stitch, and someone clearly needs to be fired.

Disney’s sci-fi masterpiece about an illegal alien experiment crash-landing in Hawaii was one of the studio’s biggest successes at the time. But while Disney might try to replace Jumbaa, Pleakley, Nani, and try and fail to remove Cobra Bubbles, they can’t afford to mess up their main character. There’s a chance they already have…

Stitch Wipes Out

Stitch screams with lilo
Credit: Disney

Right from the film’s first announcement, the idea of remaking such a classic as Lilo & Stitch is borderline heresy. Given the fact the film is nearly as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, it feels entirely too soon for it to be Disney’s next remake. Despite its prolific director, Dean Fleischer Camp, Stitch is far too much of a beloved character to be altered.

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The only saving grace in this mess is that Stitch’s creator, Chris Sanders, has been tapped to reprise his role. That being said, his involvement might not do much to save the sinking ship, as the proposed live-action version of the character has not been met with a good response.

Stitch’s Wretched Reveal


WHAT IS THIS?? 😭💙 #liloandstitch

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@ethantrace might be a little brash in his reaction, but his response is likely one that hundreds share. There is no confirmation that this is indeed the Stitch we’re getting, but the reaction should be interpreted as a warning to Disney. Alongside characters like Mickey and Winnie the Pooh, Stitch is one of the studio’s most recognizable creations, and they can’t afford to mess him up.

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The live-action Lilo might be on point, but the Max-Reebo-looking monster seen in the video above is absolutely not. It might not be the final product, but it serves as a reminder of how unneeded this project is. Unless Stitch has some Oscar-winning special effects behind him, the film already has the world against it.
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