Fans Don’t Want Another ‘Stitch’ Movie

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Further developments about Dean Fleischer-Camp’s upcoming Lilo and Stitch remake have been released, much to some fans dismay. With Zach Galifianakis recently added to the cast list, the dedicated fanbase of the little blue troublemaker are growing increasingly concerned as the clock ticks closer to the premier date. Needless to say, they’re not happy.

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It’s practically common knowledge that Disney’s string of live-action remakes come with a hit-and-miss reputation, emphasis on the “miss.” While films like Cinderella and The Jungle Book have essentially been generally accepted, there’s a particular sort of ire from the idea of trying to redo Stitch. It might be due to the movie’s age or Stitch’s overall popularity, but fans of the original film are not having it.

Inside the Magic previously covered the film’s downward trajectory, and fans are sharing their opinions in the comments. While its hard to say these are uplifting responses in the movie’s favor, the fans are definitely passionate.

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“Mickeymouse3,” while not a major fan of Stitch, brings up an interesting point when they start the discussion.
“Not a fan of Lilo and Stitch to begin with, to each their own, so a live-action remake won’t get my money.
Why does Disney, who is supposed to be a leader in animation, feel it necessary to remake any Disney animated film into live-action? Where is their creativity? I say no to live-action remakes, like many other Disney fans.”
Additionally, “Sean Golden” adds a similar notion when they write,
A lot of the movies listed have already had “live “action versions as far back as the 30’s & 40’s but a “CGI” version of ANY Disney animated movie needs to be looked at threw the idea of “Just because you can doesn’t mean you need to…
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What should really grab Stitch fans’ attention is the strange pull to get it remade in the first place. Considering the original film was a passion project that was under frequent revision before it became the final product as we know it, Disney’s interest in trying again practically comes from nowhere.
“Vincent” reaffirms this concept in their comments when they write,

Funny how Disney tried to kill the original film that it has become such a merchandising power house. Regardless how Disney crippled its chances…”

As previously seen with Disney’s Pinocchio, the demand for remakes isn’t exactly at an all time high. It’s not like the studio is completely out of touch with what their fans want, but it feels so forced at this point that it comes off as unwanted and obnoxious. No matter where fans sit with Stitch, “Patti” says it best when they comment,

“Disney has always been the leader in animated films. They need to stick to what they know works. Lilo and Stitch in live action will be awful. Stitch is a completely unique character who is recognizable as the animated version we know. Trying to capture him in a live action version sounds pretty scary.”

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