The Second Spinoff For ‘The Batman’ Has Received a Promising Update

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Paul Dano as the Riddler in 'The Batman' (2022)

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HBO Max, or MAX, has released the first look at the upcoming spinoff for The Batman: The Penguin. The teaser trailer showcases Colin Farrell as Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot and his eventual rise as Gotham’s biggest criminal. Though fans were ecstatic about this new series, there has been little movement on the front of the other spinoff from The Batman, Arkham Asylum, which has now received a promising update.

colin farrell as the penguin in his office the batman
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Matt Reeves is building out his BatVerse, including The Batman and the upcoming The Penguin spinoff. However, there had been reports that more of the universe would be explored through the additional tie-in shows. Initially, there had been discussions of a show that would revolve around the Gotham City P.D. and likely cover Gordon as he rises to become the commissioner.

However, news about the Gotham P.D. series has been non-existent. What has appeared more is the possibility of a series showcasing the many criminals locked away inside Arkham Asylum. Two of the prisoners we know are locked away are The Joker and The Riddler, both of which appeared in The Batman.

Though Paul Dano’s Riddler and Barry Keoghan’s Joker have not been cast in The Penguin series yet, they could and would likely show up in the Arkham Asylum series.

Though the Arkham Asylum spinoff has not been formally announced, it is likely happening. Producer of The Pengun series, Daniel Pipski, revealed the most minor update about the new spinoff, which should be enough to excite fans.

A fan on Twitter responded to Pipski’s post about the teaser that MAX released on The Penguin. The fan innocently asked, “Is the Arkham show still happening?” Pipski responded with the most minor yet most effective update for the new spinoff series. A thumbs-up emoji was enough to indicate that the new Arkham series is happening.

When the series begins is unknown, but we imagine that Pipski and Reeves will pivot to working on the Arkham Asylum spinoff for The Batman once The Penguin series has wrapped production.

James Gunn has taken over the DCU, though it is known that he will not interfere with what Matt Reeves is building. Gunn did mention The Batman 2 and The Penguin series, though nothing else has been stated to move forward. Pipski gave the world the best news possible about the new spinoff, though a thumbs-up emoji might not be enough to convince most people.

Robert Pattinson's Batman in The Batman
Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

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Either way, The Batman 2 is set to start production soon, and The Penguin is already off and running. Though they are not connected, Joker 2 has already wrapped production too. There is plenty of Batman content coming in the next two years, which is exciting enough.

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