Could a Lady Gaga-Themed House Be Coming This Year to HHN?

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'Universal Studios' HHN and singer Lady Gaga

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Speculation is fun when you can discuss certain things with certain fans of certain events. I’m talking about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. We are 136 days away (when writing this article) until HHN is back at Universal Orlando Resort, and house speculation has begun.

Interestingly enough, Universal has responded to a tweet from a MAJOR singer/songwriter/performer. Could this mean Universal plans to give us another musically-themed haunted house like the Weeknd house from last year?

Let’s find out what the speculation is all about!

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
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Are There Any Official Announcements Yet From Universal Regarding HHN?

The only news to come out of Universal has been the official dates and tickets for the event, which will take place on select nights from September 1 through October 31.

Universal also released the tagline and some merchandise for fans to rave over. The slogan has never been used for marketing campaigns as an official motto.

The tagline for this year’s HHN is “See You In The Fog.” However, a recently viral TikTok video alleged that Universal “stole” the slogan from another famous theme Park. You can read all about that here.

Horror icon Chucky has also been officially announced to return to Universal Studios for this year’s HHN.

Universal HHN Theories Ignite as Construction Quietly Begins
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Speculation Rises Regarding Houses for HHN This Year

Besides the official news from Universal concerning HHN, there have been some pretty significant speculations and rumors surrounding the houses that could or could not be coming to HHN this year.

One of those rumors has been a Five Nights At Freddy’s house since the film is being produced and released by Universal Pictures this October.

Another rumor has been the possibility of a house inspired by a blues musician who sells his soul to the devil for fame.

But the most recent rumor comes directly from Universal Orlando Resort, as they have retweeted an exciting encrypted video from a world-famous music artist.

Credit: Instagram

Is Lady Gaga Coming to HHN This Year?

Recently on Twitter, the official Universal Orlando Resort page tweeted out this message, which was then retweeted by Universally Addicted (@UniversallyAdd on Twitter):

Although not officially confirmed by Universal, the tweet comes from a tweet released by Gaga in 2012.

Why did Universal tweet back to Lady Gaga and say those words specifically with a video that does not seem to be playing anything other than static and lights?

Could this mean that a Lady Gaga haunted house is coming this year to HHN? Possibly. Think about it, last year, they had a place themed after The Weeknd, which did pretty well, and fans seemed to have enjoyed it. So why not bring back another major artist?

With all this spooky speculation circulating on social media platforms, one can only guess whether or not this statement is true regarding Lady Gaga.

But as always, I leave most of the speculation up to you all. So tell me…

Based on the tweet above, do you think a Lady Gaga haunted house is coming to HHN this year? 

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