TikTok Video Allegedly Claims Universal ‘Stole’ HHN Tagline From Another Theme Park

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Universal Halloween Horror Nights

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Did Universal get their new Halloween Horror Nights 2023 tagline from another theme Park? That’s what a recent TikTok video seems to point towards.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
Credit: Universal Studios

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What Is Halloween Horror Nights?

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is a yearly Halloween-themed event at Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore. The event was initially named Universal Studios Fright Nights in 1991 and began as a 3-night event at Universal Studios Florida. Horror fans can enjoy scare zones, special events, haunted houses, and more.

The HHN event in Orlando is one the biggest, if not the biggest, Halloween events in the country. Horror fans worldwide flock to Orlando every season in September and October to have the snot scared out of them. This year, the Halloween Horror Night event occurs on select days between September 1 and October 31.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
Credit: Universal

What Is Universal’s 2023 Halloween Horror Nights Tagline?

Last week, Universal Orlando Resort released its tagline, “See You In The Fog,” along with tickets, merchandise, and more for this year’s massive event. Every year, Halloween Horror Nights have a famous tagline that they put all over their merchandise and event to remain consistent with their brand.

The tagline, however, is coming under fire on social media platforms. TikTok is a hotspot for the latest news, rumors, and entertainment. Recently, on TikTok, a video has surfaced where someone claims that Universal might have taken their tagline from another theme Park. Let’s get into it.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
Credit: Universal

The TikTok Heard Around the Horror World About Universal

Four days ago, @theuniversaleyenews on TikTok released a video detailing how they believed Universal Orlando Resort, according to others on the platform and Reddit, took their Halloween Horror Nights 2023 tagline from a theme Park called Knotts Berry Farm, located in Southern California.


Replying to @universaldude The jury is still out on this one. We’ll see what the court of public opinions thinks. Knotts Scary Farm seems to have at least a two year track record of using this, but this may be in reference to the 1980’s movie The Fog starring John Carpenter & Jeamie Lee Curtis which was remade in 2005. What do you think? . . . #hhn32 #hhn2023 #knottsscaryfarm #knottsscaryfarm2023 #hhnorlando #halloweenhorrornights2023 #halloweenhorrornightsorlando #themeparknews #seeyouinthefog #hhnmerch #hhnmerchandise

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In the video, @theuniversaleyenews states how she and others believe Universal might have taken their HHN tagline from Knotts Berry Farm’s annual Halloween event called Knotts Scary Farm. She says that if you run a quick Google search, you will find that Knotts Berry Farm has used this tagline in the past. Much of their marketing depends on various phrases with the word “fog” in them.

But does this mean that Universal stole the tagline from this California Theme Park? I think not. Here is why.

No, Universal Did Not Steal Their HHN Tagline

If you look at the actual tagline, “See You In The Fog,” you’ll notice that the saying could have been taken from The Fog (1980), a film directed by John Carpenter. This Reddit thread from 2020 also has Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2023 tagline, but they are talking about a popular video game called ‘Dead By Daylight.’

So which is which? Did Universal take the tagline from Knotts Berry Farm Halloween event? Who took it from the video game? Did the video game take the motto from getting inspired by the film? Do you see my point? Universal Orlando Resort probably took a famous phrase like fog and ran with it as anyone else would. As far as I’m concerned, they did not steal the tagline from anyone. No one for sure will know where or who started this tagline (unless someone does a deep dive in the comments section).

Not to mention true Halloween Horror Nights fans have said, “see you in the fog” for years. So although the tagline itself is not new to Universal Orlando, it is unique in the sense of being never-before-used for their main event and merchandise line.


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