Universal HHN Theories Ignite as Construction Quietly Begins

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Universal HHN Theories Ignite as Construction Quietly Begins

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Although it’s only April, Universal Orlando Resort is already preparing for its upcoming Halloween Horror Nights season. Universal HHN is coming.

According to recent reports on social media, Universal has quietly been constructing houses, getting permits, and hiring scare actors.

Could all this mean a bigger and better HHN season? Is a “Five Nights At Freddy’s” haunted house coming to Universal Studios? Let’s speculate!

Remember, kids; this is purely speculative regarding haunted houses; however, construction is evident and currently taking place.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
Credit: Universal Studios

Another Spooky Season Is on the Way for Universal

Announced just last month, Universal came out with their official 2023 Halloween Horror Nights tagline and merchandise, telling everyone on Twitter that this year’s tagline is “See You In The Fog,” a slogan that was previously used in marketing campaigns for HHN in the past.

Horror fans worldwide quickly began to speculate on what houses would return this year for the spooky and popular Universal event.

Horror Night Nightmares (@HNNightmares on Twitter) tweeted out their annual speculative map for fans to dissect and debate:

That was almost two months ago, meaning we are bound to receive news from the official Universal HHN personnel on which houses are coming this year and what scare zones will be implemented around the Park.

Universal HHN rumors
Credit: Universal

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HHN Construction Begins at Universal Studios Florida

I try to keep up with construction news on Twitter or any other official social media outlet regarding HHN and what might be in store this Fall. Tickets for the event have already gone on sale.

I’ve collected some tweets for you guys to look at and enjoy that showcase construction currently taking place at Universal Studios Florida:

As you can see, a lot is taking place at Universal Orlando as things are cooking up for Halloween Horror Nights 2023.

We are under five months until Halloween Horror Nights resume at Universal Orlando Resort. Again, we should get official news from Universal regarding houses, scare zones, and more.

Now, regarding that “Five Nights At Freddy’s” rumor that has been going around.

HHN 2023 Rumors
Credit: ScottGames

FNAF House Rumored for HHN 2023

Universal announced that a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie was in the works earlier this year.

The film will be produced by Blumhouse and Universal Pictures and is set to debut in October of this year in theaters and online.

Following the announcement of this film, horror fans began to speculate that a FNAF house was indeed coming to HHN this year.

Where did the speculation come from, though? Well, social media, of course.

Universal Nightmares (@Nightarecorner on Twitter) released a YouTube video on April 9 detailing some exciting theories regarding a FNAF house coming to HHN this year.

The video is just under 4 minutes and is worth the watch.

Regardless of speculation, with construction beginning for HHN 2023, horror fans can get pumped as we fastly approach the Autumn season.

But as always, what are your thoughts on construction starting for HHN at Universal Studios Florida? 

Do you think a FNAF house is coming this year? 

Sound off in the comments below!

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