See The Concept Art For New Donkey Kong Ride Joining Super Nintendo World

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Mario and Donkey Kong flanking Universal Studios Japan

Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World has been an exciting new addition to Universal parks worldwide, including Universal Studios Japan in 2021, Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023, and the recently announced Epic Universe in Orlando. Nintendo fans have loved the faithful recreations of Super Mario staples as well as rides like Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.

Credit: Universal Studios

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While it may be easy to think that Super Nintendo World is just Super Mario and friends, Nintendo has many more franchises that can fit under this banner. Nintendo fans at Universal Studios Japan have already seen and interacted with several characters from Pokemon and there are plans for Super Nintendo World to add onto the Mushroom Kingdom with an additional section themed around Donkey Kong.

In fact, Universal Studios recently released new concept art for the new Donkey Kong roller coaster.

A Golden temple with a waterfall surrounded by mine carts and a barrel cannon
Credit: Universal Studios

Super Nintendo World’s New Coaster: Mine Cart Madness

The brand-new roller coaster, rumored to be called Mine Cart Madness, will have Guests riding through a golden temple with a waterfall cascading down the front.

In addition to this monument for monkeys, the mine carts will cross old tracks where they will encounter Donkey Kong staples like golden bananas, jumping over gaps, and even launching from a barrel cannon.

The concept art goes beyond just the roller coaster. There is also a lot of jungle theming around the attraction as well as plenty of shops and places to eat. It looks like a fun and unique addition to Universal Studios Japan, Epic Adventure in Orlando, and hopefully to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Other Big Changes Are Coming

This exciting new thrill ride isn’t the only significant change coming to Universal. In addition to the opening of Epic Universe, they have announced a massive brand shift, changing their name from Universal Parks And Attractions to Universal Destinations And Experiences, as well as new logos for each of their existing parks.

The Pokemon unit from the NO LIMIT! Parade
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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On top of this, Universal has also received permission to build a brand-new Universal Park in Texas. The next few years will be massive for Universal Studios, especially if they’re trying to compete with Disney.

What do you think of the new ride? What other Nintendo characters would you like to see at Universal Studios? Let us know in the comments below.

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