Marvel Starts Promoting New MCU Series Right After Removing Release Date

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Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) wearing eye patch in 'Secret Invasion'

Credit: Marvel Studios

Something isn’t going right for Marvel Studios as Secret Invasion is receiving a lot of news right after the release date for the MCU series was taken down from Disney+.

Talos dealing with Skrulls in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion will be Samuel L. Jackson’s first foray into the Multiverse Saga as Nick Fury is finally back in the MCU. After having a minor role in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), Jackson’s absence as the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director was felt as Earth’s mightiest heroes haven’t felt the same since Fury went MIA.

Even before Thanos wiped half of life with the Blip, Nick Fury had appeared less and less, but now, it’s the perfect time for the actor to reprise his role, and that’s due to the Skrulls who are invading Earth. Unlike other alien invasions, Skrulls are shapeshifters, so they aren’t going to bombard the planet. Instead, they disguised themselves as world leaders and slowly take over every government until they fully control the planet.

Emilia Clarke's character holding a gun in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

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While fans might be excited about the series, more fans are simply confused about when they should expect the series. A few days ago, Disney+ had the series listed to premiere on June 21, 2023, which was very exciting, and now Marvel has removed the release date with no promises as to when fans should expect the series.

Marvel Studios is renewing their efforts to have higher quality content which is good, but with their recent shakeups with execs and big-time members of Marvel Studios suddenly leaving, the MCU is facing quite a few delays. Marvel needs the time to readjust and prepare their projects before creating a harsh deadline on when to expect the delay.

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Surprisingly, this isn’t stopping Marvel from sharing new teases and details about the series. Fans have already started to learn key details, like who Emilia Clarke is starring as in the series, but a new trailer is set to release on Sunday during the Sunday night ESPN Baseball game. Here’s the TV spot promoting the trailer that a fan posted online:

A new trailer for #MarvelStudios’ ‘SECRET INVASION’ will be released on Sunday night! The trailer will air on ESPN during Sunday Night Baseball.

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Having the trailer drop this soon is a great sign for the series, but it’s still very confusing as to why it had to be revealed now. Will the trailer confirm a release date? Is this being shown now to create hype despite the delays? Unfortunately, Marvel Studios is going to confuse a lot of fans if there are no new details about when to expect the series to be released with the trailer. Let’s hope Marvel has the MCU series debut sometime soon rather than make fans wait even longer.

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