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Guest behavior at Walt Disney World seems to be getting worse and worse these days. Reports of everything from harassing and assaulting Cast Members to public urination right in the middle of EPCOT have been circulating newsfeeds for months, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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For a place with the reputation of being “the place where dreams come true,” the Walt Disney World Resort seems to be turning into a massive nightmare. It’s already gotten to the point where more cameras and security are getting involved, but that still doesn’t stop unruly visitors from misbehaving in front of Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the theme park to see.

Guests Gone Wild

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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld asked the question, what’s the wildest thing you’ve seen at Disney? Needless to say, replies came in by the hundreds. While there are the usual minor offenders like Guests cooking in their hotel rooms, some reports range from pornographic to outright illegal.

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Guests have been caught doing scandalous things at Disney World before, the frequency at which these things occur is outright alarming. Even though Disney essentially has a SWAT team hiding in plain sight, the fact that they’re constantly in action should worry any hardcore Disney fan.

Creepy Creeps With Eerie Eyes

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We’d like to think that there are few places safer and more family-friendly than the Disney Parks, but the truth is that there will always be someone trying to ruin it. However, that doesn’t mean these Guests go unnoticed. Some are annoying, but others are incredibly creepy.

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EPCOT Guests are semi notorious for bad behavior, especially whenever alcohol is involved. u/ct06040 shares their account of how a an overly-friendly Guest was handled after eyeing up one of the waitstaff.

“Multiple security personnel coming out of seemingly nowhere to address an over-served gentleman who was very enamored with a young lady working in the Italy pavilion and it was getting creepy. It was handled professionally, swiftly, and quietly – I just happened to be standing there.”

Getting Dirty at Disney World

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Creepy Disney Park Guests perving on Cast Members is nothing new, but that’s nothing compared to what some people will do for social media clout. Along with engaging in dangerous TikTok trends, some Guests have resorted to creating some NSFW content right in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.

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u/ravefaerie24 shares their report of a Disney girl gone wild when they write,

“Saw a girl on my last trip hop over the little fence surrounding the lake in world showcase, plop down in the grass, and have her boyfriend do a whole thirst trap photo shoot while she rolled around on the ground trying to look sexy. I was so hoping she’d get apprehended but not a security guard in sight.”

To which u/chumbawumbacholula adds,

“Not to be a pearl clutcher, but I have seen some choice outfits at epcot over the last couple years. The one that takes the cake was half-naked punk versions of Elsa and Anna making out while one grabbed the other’s chest and the other grabbed her crotch. Why anyone would wear that around children is beyond me.”

Blame it on lack of tact, blame it on moral decline, blame it on the alcohol, but it’s behavior like this that keeps other Guests from enjoying their vacation. It’s no wonder so many fans are campaigning for more security and even breathalyzer tests at the Disney Parks.

Have you seen any lewd acts at the Disney Parks? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!



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