Fans Horrified Over Chris Rock’s Disturbing Joke About Will Smith

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Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad

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After the infamous slap happened almost a year ago at the Oscars, Chris Rock is still finding ways to get back at Will Smith.

Will Smith at 2022 Oscars
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No one can forget when Will Smith got upset about Chris Rock’s words about his wife. Now, the Oscars will be ready for future moments where actors or other members get out of line, as Will Smith’s slap was definitely not the image people wanted for the Oscars.

While Chris Rock, a well-known comedian, didn’t press charges or demand anything from Will Smith after the incident, he has made sure to jab at the actor as much as he can. Some of his jokes have been minor, little comedic reminders of the incidents, and others have left fans disgusted and horrified at Chris Rock.

Will Smith as King Richarrd
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The comedian doesn’t have a stellar reputation for some fans as the comedian has apparently given away an “N-word pass” to some actors allowing them to say the N-word in public with Rock’s consent. Jerry Seinfeld had to step in and try to shut this down but to no avail.

This obviously angered many fans, and Rock’s misdemeanors have mainly stayed out of the spotlight, but that could change due to his recent jab at Will Smith.

Chris Rock (left) and Will Smith (right)
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One fan shared that Chris Rock recently shared that he watched Emancipation (2022) for one reason. To see Will Smith get severely whipped:

Chris Rock revealed he watched “Emancipation” so he could see Will Smith being whipped. In the film which is based on a true story, Smith plays a slave in Louisiana who decides to escape after being whipped almost to death.

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This led to fans being disgusted by Chris Rock’s recent joke and being fed up with his antics:

The way this “joke” is more ~violent~ than “the slap”

The fact that when Will privately apologized to him he said he’s not ready to talk to him yet and that when he is he’ll contact him and THIS is what he does… Will, do the other cheek next time

Hopefully now people realize his “jokes” is what got him in trouble to begin with. But it’s odd how his joke about a black woman’s disorder was overlooked but a joke about wanting to watch a black man get whipped is out of line…

Some of the public was so quick to judge Will but I’m glad people are seeing who Chris really is underneath those jokes.

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While the Oscars probably won’t be as shocking as last year, fans will keep their eyes on Will Smith and Chris Rock, as their feud is obviously going to continue for a lot longer than we originally thought.

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