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Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad

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  1. Chris Rock going too far is what started this thing to begin with. I’m not justifying Will Smith slapping him — but, he didn’t puch and break his Jaw — it was an open handed slap. Chris Rock does have a right to talk about the situation because it involved him. But, exactly, where is the bottom for Rock?

    1. To people offended by what Chris Rock said about Will Smith’s “slut wife” Jada…..get OVER it because it’s the 100% TRUTH‼️

      1. Carmen

        She may be a “slut” as you put it, and I agree. However, No One Has The Right To Make Fun Of Anyone’s Illness. And Rock was asked repeatedly, over the years, not to make jokes about Smith’s family. He had that slap coming. But Will should have done it in private. My opinion.

      2. Arnold

        Two wrongs don’t make a right but it makes it even AC from Philly

    2. Frank Castle

      Nothing wrong or inappropriate with Chris Rock @ the Oscars…Will Smith on the other hand was completely out of line & should be banned from the Academy.
      Now with Chris’s new special…He absolutely undeniably left no prisoners during his tirade referencing Will & Jada. He destroyed them on an international stage/platform. Chris obviously wanted to GET BACK the PIECE OF HIS manhood he thinks Smith stole from him on Oscar night…From this viewers perspective, Chris Rock GOT IT ALL BACK & then some.

    3. Arnold

      Two wrongs don’t make a right but it makes it even AC from Philly

    4. While Chris Rock may have toed the line with his joke…. First off, the issue with Alopecia wasn’t public knowledge. Therefore, Chris wasn’t taking Java at her medical issues With that saidm.m Will Smith drew first blood with his overreaction to (a joke, made in poor taste (at best). Therefore, Chris Rock was totally within his right to now go for the jugular. And, get PAID massive money in the process. I personally think that this speaks volumes as to his brilliance! Now, let’s debate!!! Let’s face it….initially, I sided with Will Smith. However, after really giving it some thought….I now realize he made the black community look barbaric I his behavior that night! He was an embarrassment to himself, and our people! He also ruined what can arguably be considered one of the highlights of his career. That night is now overshadowed by his loss of control! Smh. Way to go Will!!!! For a woman who clearly isn’t worth it! This woman had an affair with her son’s best friend! Can’t get much lower than that!

      1. Sher

        Yes the reason for Jada’s closely shaved head was public knowledge. Will Smith himself laughed at the joke because he got the look from his wife.

      2. Sher

        Yes, the reason for Jada’s closely shaved head was public knowledge. Will Smith himself laughed at the joke because he got the look from his wife.

  2. S

    You are all idiots if you think making a joke is worse than assaulting someone because they hurt your feelings by joking about your wife having sexual relations with other people after you and your wife have gone public and talked about it yourselves.

  3. Azza

    Some people are serious Karens with NO sense of humour.

    Get over yourselves, the joke was funny. Also Chris Rock is black in case you hadn’t noticed, and I bet all the whiners are white women and estrogen filled soyboy beta males.

  4. Azza

    Karens with no sense of humour. Rock’s joke was funny.

    1. mizz V

      In front of 160 countries! I don’t believe Rock was making fun of alopecia. He was referring to GI Jane, his POS wife! He deserves better.

    2. Boot

      The slap didn’t have anything to do with Will and his wife sex life it was about his wife hair lost.

      1. Hair loss joke was not a big deal. The joke was harmless. There was more to that slap than the alopecia. Jada knows bald or not she still looks good.

    3. Wanda Thompson

      Exactly. He’s a comedian. They say things that make you laugh. People really need to lighten up. No one deserves literally a slap in the face. Especially on a media platform.

  5. Patti

    It was funny, and jokes are his job. Assaulting someone on national TV when you are a professional actor is immature and stupid. Will Smith is definitely still the one in the wrong here. He’s getting exactly what he signed up for.

  6. Everyone ignored the fact this little nonentity created this entire situation by abusing a womans illness. Frankly, he is the lowest order of scum. With the ” N ” word thing which us nothing but silencing freedom of speech by claiming any word for any one group, that is racist fascism. Rock is trash.

  7. Tyrone

    Sticks and stones (and physical contact) will break my bones but WORDS will never hurt me. Get over yourselves.

  8. Patricia

    Chris Rock needs to get a filter on his mouth. There’s nothing funny about what he sees as a joke.

  9. JoeBryant

    All I am going to say that Smith was laughing after that joke was made.

    1. Rich

      Don’t forget after the slap, Will Smith was then screaming at Chris Rock. And after all that, the entire Smith family went out and partied. Check out their comments from that night. Chris Rock is a good comedian, Will Smith and family have become angry and entitled. I’ll take the jokes over that anytime.

      1. Sam

        I agree, Rich! Will Smith violated Chris Rock, wasted air time and insulted the viewers. I still like Will and his family but I don’t condone his and Jada’s behavior.

        1. Agree. But also feel Chris Rock had the right to bring closure to the situation for him in whatever fashion he preferred. That Netflix special was his slap back and now the while mess should be put to bed.

  10. phillysub

    People today are so over-sensitive to any comedy or jokes.!

  11. reginald

    rock you’re a coward. will slap you in the face. face to face. but what do you do as always hide behind tv or shows. lost the little bit of respect I had left for you. and trust me it was very little. hope you’re happy now. big man. you’re not

    1. Steve

      Will smith could have face charges for what he did. Chris Rock cannot be charged with anything for saying words. Seems Christian is the smarter of the 2.

  12. rock you’re a coward. will slap you in the face. face to face. but what do you do as always hide behind tv or shows. lost the little bit of respect I had left for you. and trust me it was very little. hope you’re happy now. big man. you’re not

    1. Ron

      And here’s reggie (note the lower case R), keyboard warrior hiding on the Web calling out Chris Rock. Ironic or pathetic, or both.

  13. Marvin Parks

    I don’t agree with how Will handled the situation, but I understand.Keep your disrespectful jokes to yourself Chris!! Now he (Chris)is putting his foot even further in his mouth if you didn’t press charges or get with him later like any man would leave it alone man !!

  14. Sean Reddy

    This is the worse take ever. Stick to disney stuff. This isn’t your lane. As a comedian in vegas and performing on the strip nightly. What Will Smith did put all of us comics in danger since there was no consequences for his actions. What chris rock did was nothing compared to an actual physical assault. All he did was speak, use his words and expressed his feelings but yall seem to think that’s worse. Soft ass world we live in. Putting this article and view point out is horrible. Once again stick to disney cause thats all we come here for. Nice try.

  15. Theo

    I’m with Will 100%. Jada & Him have been through alot. They are sticking it out. After all the hurt, they are staying married. The last thing they needed was proven fake associate, fake admirer (whatever) Rock taking shots at them. Yes words hurt, just Ask Christopher Wallace or Tupak Shakur. Ask Nipsy Hustle.. Ask Takeoff.
    These unfortunate accidents started with words. misunderstandings that grew legs.
    Will felt like dude was coming for his Wife. It happened in a fragile moment in this strained couple’s relationship.
    Comics take things too far sometimes. When you talk junk about people who are in a crisis, or just barely hanging on, understand, you could be MESSING WITH AN UNSTABLE PERSON.
    besides, If it was truly just jokes, why couldn’t Rock say, “My bad, just jokes, meant no harm. Don’t put your hands on me again.. but we good. I started it”?? Yet he said Jada started it. Everyone knows the Oscar’s was on some racial bias. She just asked Rock to stand in solidarity. He trying to make it seem like she did something to him. Thats a false flag. That’s why they didn’t take his sympathy call when Will was getting dragged behind the Jada affair. Rock twisting the truth for sympathy. That’s why a year later he talking like his feelings still hurt. He understands that, but he can’t understand how he hurt someone else,, that started all this. And instead of taking the opportunity to dead the beef he is trying to Take it further.
    Rock said it himself, he’s not a victim. Cause he knows it goes with his game. You speak on people, you never know what could happen. You take your Funny man leverage and push further & further until you feel you have a license to say whatever you feel is joke worthy, at the expense of someone else, whoever you choose. You never thought you might get dealt with tho?. You felt like playing with someone that didn’t feel like playing with you, now it’s about not being able to say nothing cause oh, you might offend someone?? Don’t hide behind that. You were wrong. Can you make fun of yourself for a minute and admit that Rock?
    I’m glad (even though I still feel Will acted in bad taste) he dealt with it on the spot rather than letting it possibly snowball into something that could end up very very bad. with possibly life being taken over mouth..
    .. and If you think that’s too far fetched for something like this, just check through history. Lots of obituaries over somebody and they mouth.

  16. Chris Rock is going way to far! He should look at his own failings first before judging Will Smith! Everyone makes mistakes!!

  17. Flash

    Rock is a comedian I watch him to get a laugh. Not to preach or give inspirational talks. Don’t watch if you don’t like comedy. He is funny and on point.

  18. James

    It may come as a surprise to some people but not everybody lives every waking minute to keep track of the Hollywood elite so the joke Chris Rock made wasn’t close to being as demeaning as Smith’s wife sexual life style which is no secret so if Smith took offense he should have dealt with it in private and asked for a public apology but he can’t be a man at home so trying to be one by slapping Rock in Public he made it clear there no rules so don’t try acting like Smith is a victim.

  19. Ron

    First of all, it’s a joke. Second of all do you really think Will Smith was being hurt by a fake whipping???? I mean I hope people know that…HE WAS NOT REALLY GETTING WHIPPED!!!!!

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