“F the Fireworks, Ride the Rides!” Say Disney Guests

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Disney Enchantment fireworks at Disney World Resort

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The Nighttime Spectaculars at the Disney Parks have often been regarded as an intensely emotional experience by many fans, and massive crowds flock to places like the courtyard of Cinderella Castle to get the best views. However, some Guests are encouraging others to dismiss the fireworks display in favor of better ways to use their time.

magicband during fireworks
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Like some of Disney’s parades, many fans would agree that some of the Nighttime Spectaculars and firework shows are a one-and-done deal. As mystifying and magical as they can be, the displays aren’t exactly something that frequently changes. Once you’ve seen Happily Ever After, you’ve seen Happily Ever After.

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While they might have a large fanbase, many Guests are encouraging others to use this major crowd distraction to take advantage of the low wait times on some of Disney’s top-tier rides. Many Park-goers took to r/WaltDisneyWorld to confirm their status on this point of view, and they certainly seem to be in the right.

Astro Orbiter at the Magic Kingdom at night
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u/FailResorts offers a surprisingly solid statement when they share,

“A guy that lived on my floor in the college dorm did the DCP (dressed up as Gaston or Hercules since he was jacked) and always said this acronym: FTFRTR. F the Fireworks, Ride the Rides.”

To which u/TinkerbellReject vocally adds,

This!! The lines are super short but you can watch the fireworks while waiting, it’s magical.”

Surprisingly, a large consensus seems to be that it’s the perfect time to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. In fact, many users are writing how easy it is to walk on.

u/Merrai wonderfully and aptly demonstrates this effect when they write,

“My first time ever on Seven Dwarfs was during the fireworks, with the crescendo happening as we got to the top of the hill. I almost never wanted to do it again because how the hell was I gonna top that?”

Epcot Forever
Credit: The Dis

The Nighttime Spectaculars, especially those seen at the Magic Kingdom, are truly a magical way to cap off your night at the Parks. However, they’re also Disney’s way of rounding up Guests to clear the way at the end of the day, normally followed by a mass exodus as Guests head out of the Park.

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When everything’s said and done, Guests truly aren’t missing much if they’ve already seen the show once. So of course they should use this time to take advantage of the massive drop in wait times. After all, why not take advantage of a peak opportunity to experience some of Disney’s best rides?

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