These Disney Rides are Hiding a Line-Skipping Secret

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If there’s one fact that any Disney Park Guest has to come to terms with, it’s that they will be waiting in line quite a bit. They can have Genie+, Lightning Lane, and even get up at the crack of dawn for the virtual queue, but they’ll still have to spend some amount of time waiting to get on board.

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Waiting in line is an unavoidable part of any theme park experience, Disney just knows how to manage their queues better. However, that’s not always a problem for Guests utilizing the single-rider option. Given the right time of day, many of Disney’s best rides, such as Space Mountain and Toy Story Mania in this writer’s experience, have some surprisingly quick waits for those looking to go Han Solo.

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Many Guests share this same notion, and some have expressed their favorite experiences on r/WaltDisneyWorld where Disney fans with upcoming trips can cut a chunk out of their wait times. Riding with one’s party has its pleasures, but single-riding truly has the better perks.

Millinium Falcon Smugglers Run
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u/Old_Watercress_1282 shares their experience in a galaxy far, far away when they write,

“The last several times I’ve done the single rider line at Smugglers’ Run, I’ve often been the only person in the line. I can often ride three or four times in a 20 minute period. Granted, I end up being an engineer, but have sometimes talked the rest of the party into letting me be a gunner or pilot. (I’m happy with any position).”

u/wackyHair offers their take on numerous rides with the single-rider option when they add,

Everest is the best (quick, good grouping, easy to reride over and over again.) Then Test Track. Smugglers is always short but you miss the preshow and always get engineer. And then RnR can be worse than standby.”

Of course, not all Walt Disney World Attractions are equipped with the standardly-marked single-rider lane. However, many of them split up the queue to make at least some effort to trim off a little time.

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While the original post brings up Toy Story Mania and Space Mountain, u/AfterTheNightIWakeUp mentions the debatable usefulness of the split queue on the latter ride when they add,

“If you tell the CM at that point you’re solo, they’ll send you off a different path. You still have to enter and wait through the regular standby up to that. It cuts maybe ten minutes off the wait.”

That being said, ten minutes shaved off your average wait-time is still ten minutes gone. A majority of Guests would gladly wait 20 instead of 30 on most days.

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It should be noted that not all single-rider lines or standby lines are created equal, and a number of different factors such as crowd-density and even the season can effect your wait time. However, many experienced Guests can agree that sometimes flying solo is the way to go.

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