Disney Wants More Sequel Trilogy Stories, ‘Star Wars’ Director Confirms the Worst

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It was only a matter of time before fans returned to the Sequel Trilogy, and Lucasfilm might want to plunge fans back into that era sooner than most would hope. One Star Wars director confirms that more Sequel Trilogy stories are in the works.

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For some reason, Star Wars: Episode XI — The Rise of Skywalker (2019) was the last Star Wars movie released in theaters. After being a commercial failure and wounding the Star Wars fandom once again, Lucasfilm immediately reevaluated its content schedule. Instead of releasing another movie three years later, the company is reportedly terrified of disappointing fans once again and the next possible Star Wars movie will likely release in theaters in 2025.

This means that fans will have six years without Star Wars on the big screen. While the movies under Disney have been a hit or miss, fans were hoping the next movie to release would focus on another era instead of the Sequel Trilogy. With Daisy Ridley still quite alive, Rey Skywalker’s return is imminent. It would probably invoke more hate than anything else if Lucasfilm decided to make another trilogy around the controversial Star Wars heroine.

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Unfortunately, this might just happen as Jon Favreau, the legendary director and creator of The Mandalorian, confirms that the company is openly discussing what to do with the Sequel Trilogy. He admits that there are plenty of stories left to be told in that era, as the movies only covered a few years on the Star Wars timeline in a recent interview:

“There’s definitely a conversation that’s going on. And then, also what happens after the sequel trilogy. Because the sequel trilogy only takes place over the course of a few years. And it’s a big thing on the screen, and it’s very eventful. But it is a relatively brief moment in history over the course of the thousands of years that Star Wars takes place. And so what happens after it is interesting too, and I know that there’s some discussion, exploration going on about what happens after it.”

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Favreau continues the conversation by describing Star Wars history as “ancient history,” saying that iconic events are like “markers” for Lucasfilm:

“So I think that there are certain markers that we have – it’s almost like studying ancient history, where you kind of know a few things that happen, but there’s a lot of murkiness in between, and we just don’t have archaeological evidence in the real world to know exactly what happened, so we kind of connect the dots.”

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It’s true that events around the Sequel Trilogy are a bit murky, but that’s more so because the creators around the era didn’t want to answer too many questions. Sometimes, the answers given in recent Star Wars books only create more questions as the book retcons a major moment or does something ridiculous like make the Galactic Empire extremely weak after Palpatine’s death.

It would be great to have more projects expand the story and characters from the Sequel Trilogy, but the timing is probably not great. Right now, fans want more stories focused on Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin since those characters are far more popular than Poe and Finn.

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