Jon Favreau Reveals His Vision For A Disney ‘Mandalorian’ Ride

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The Mandalorian and Grogu at 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge

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While fans love Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Parks, the lack of The Mandalorian needs to be changed. Thankfully, Jon Favreau has some ideas on what a Mandalorian ride should be.

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The Mandalorian is now streaming Season 3 on Disney+ with Din Djarin and Grogu, the little green guy who won over several people instantly. The duo has gone on many adventures, and obviously fans would want nothing else than to be included in a few of them at the Parks.

Batuu at Galaxy’s Edge provides some great experiences. Drinking blue milk while seeing the First Order march down to interrogate another guest is a lot of fun, and seeing the Millenium Falcon is well worth the visit. Still, one thing is severely lacking at Galaxy’s Edge.

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) with Grogu in 'The Mandalorian' (2019) "Chapter 17 - The Apostate". Credit: Lucasfilm
Credit: Lucasfilm

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The Mandalorian! Din Djarin might visit here or there at Galaxy’s Edge. Still, only for a limited time at Disneyland and for Walt Disney World, the beloved hero will have more recurring appearances. Still, fans want more experiences with Mando than the Resistance. Thankfully, Jon Favreau already has ideas for what Disney Parks need to do, as he explained in an interview what the first Mandalorian ride should be:

@imdb That’s a huge yes on rides that make you feel sick.

That’s a huge yes on rides that make you feel sick. 🙏 #mandalorian #disneyworld #jonfavreau #kateesackhoff #imdb

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Favreau shares that the Razor Crest would likely be the main attraction, with a ride focused on feeling like you are flying through space. While Favreau focuses more on special effects and focusing on fans getting to know the behind-the-scenes for Star Wars projects, a Razor Crest attraction would run into one major problem.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon – Smugglers Run is already an attraction focused on flying and helping Hondo Ohnaka out, so if anything, this ride would have to help Guests feel like it’s a totally different immersive adventure or have it be a fast flying ride where Guests will be on the edge of their seats with Din Djarin.

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The Parks have a lot of opportunities to bring different Mandalorian characters to Galaxy’s Edge, and it’s a shame that Lucasfilm didn’t base the new attraction area on Nevarro because Batuu is fun but doesn’t really have a whole lot of great connections to the Star Wars universe.

Maybe one day, Star Wars Guests will get their wish, and Disney will change these around, but at the very least, The Mandalorian deserves a spot in Galaxy’s Edge.

Would a Razor Crest attraction be perfect for Disney Parks? Let Inside the Magic know what you think!

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