Beloved ‘Star Wars’ Character Has Become a Cash Grab According to Fans

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grogu in the book of boba fett chapter 6

Credit: Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian took the world and Star Wars fans by storm in 2019.

Fans quickly started gushing over the Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin, drawn in by the mystery and seriousness of the helmeted bounty hunter. However, it wasn’t the titular character that gained the most fame, it was his bounty turned companion, Grogu.

Originally addressed as “The Child,” many fans started calling him “Baby Yoda,” and he quickly grabbed the hearts of viewers everywhere with his cuteness and innocence. However, it seems as though Grogu has run his course as a fan favorite, as several Star Wars fans recently took to Twitter to discuss their “hot takes” and express their disappointment in the continued focus on the character.

One user, @nprincic31, complains,

“Grogu is more annoying than cute now and I have a feeling it was executive decision to keep him in the show in season 3”

Many people shared the sentiment that Grogu should have stayed with the Jedi and not returned after training with Luke Skywalker in Season 2.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker holding Grogu
Credit: Lucasfilm

Like @cynical_canuck states,

“Grogu has been overused and is now a detriment to the show. The second season was a huge let down including the reveal at the end.”

Several other comments claim that Grogu has just become a cash grab for Disney as a cute character to put on merchandise to sell more items in the Parks.

User @grandmaster_ro is one of many with this thought,

“Grogu should have stayed with Luke, they only brought him back to sell more merchandise”

Grogu in 'The Mandalorian' Season Three
Credit: Lucasfilm

With The Mandalorian being one of the most popular series on Disney+ and the first live action Star Wars series, it makes sense to have an immediately recognizable and likeable character to resonate with both adults and children. However, many viewers online suggest that it’s time to let the character go and let the Mandalorian become a true bounty hunter again. Several responses in the thread claimed they want a show focused on the history and culture of the Mandalorians, and would gladly watch the show without the inclusion of Grogu.

(L-R): Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu in Lucasfilm's THE MANDALORIAN, season three, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
Credit: Lucasfilm

With Season 3 just released, fans will have to wait and see how the adventure unfolds and whether or not Grogu will remain by Din Djarin’s side. If the comments are anything to go by, viewers will be just as happy to see the pair split to further the plot along rather than keep Grogu relevant just to sell more merchandise.

What do you think of Grogu? Cute or a cash grab? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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