Disney to Replace ‘Star Wars’ Attraction With ‘Avatar’ Expansion

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Since the premiere of its newest sequel, much love has been generated for James Cameron’s Avatar. As with any successful Disney Franchise, the studio is obviously wanting to expand it into its theme parks. The question is, at what cost?

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It was recently announced that Disney would bring fans more of the world of Pandora to the Disneyland Resort, supposedly on par with the World of Avatar seen in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort. While that all sounds like a wonderful idea at first glance, Guests need to consider what will be on the chopping block to make room for the ambitious new project.

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Although some speculation has said that Disneyland’s Critter Country’s days might be numbered, there’s also a certain amount that has Disney’s setting their sights on one of the Star-Wars-themed attractions, namely the Launch Bay. It seems not even Vader’s power of the Dark Side is strong enough to stand in the way of a two-billion-dollar smash.

Darth Vader Star Wars Launch Bay
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Although Guests won’t be missing any action from the realm of the Jedi and Sith with Galaxy’s Edge, the Launch Bay isn’t strictly keeping up with the times. The attraction has its popular Meet and Greets with characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca, but it’s more of a dedication to the vintage side of George Lucas’s space opera. It might have an expiration date already.

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With Disney’s dedication to moving forward, it might be the case that the older attraction could be transformed into the gateway to Pandora rather than the galaxy far, far away. It might be a great way to square up with the Animal Kingdom’s land, but Disney might be further dividing its fanbase in the process.

stormtroopers at star wars launch bay
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As successful as Avatar is, the Star Wars fans have been around decades longer, and they’ve already shown to have quite a tenacious side. If Guests were in an uproar mourning the loss of Splash Mountain, just imagine the type of visceral response that might come from a whole galaxy of dedicated fans with lightsabers in hand.

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