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  1. Larry

    Star Wars will be thrown out in favor of the more woke message of Avatar.

    1. h

      did you even read the article? There is a chance they will replace the Launch Bay, which isn’t even part of Galaxy’s edge. Don’t get your panties all in a twist.

      1. Christian Branca

        It’s Inside the Magic, well thought out comments aren’t to be expected.

  2. Edward Spear

    I think they can both survive simultaneously. Removing critter country is moving forward and away from the countrified origins of Disneyland. There is plenty of room on that corner of the park for Avatar expansion. That obvious if you’ve ever been back stage of critter country and the Hungry Bear restaurant. The notion that Star Wars is out Avatar in forgets the lengths The Disney Company takes to imagineer a ride or land, conceptualize the experience and work out the intimate details. With the Avatar franchise new to the company, having just acquired it with the Fox properties and the fact that Avatar has only a couple installments with many more planned each probing into another facet of a different terrestrial civilization then it might be premature to forecast. The Avatar worlds in Florida and at the gardens in Singapore are merely tableau’s or dioramas of the mythical world of Endorra. That is a beginning of a new Disneyland area but it is only a beginning given the magic of the happiest resort.

    1. Joeynuts

      Why not something different where as Avatar is already the anchor at AK?

  3. Ott

    I believe that Disneyland really needs to work on a 3rd park put the Pandora on that park it would do more then anything Disney is all about Moving forward but they took several steps back when they took out the Great Movie Ride in Disney’s MGM now Hollywood Studios they owe the fans that went to Hollywood studios for taking out the Best ride the had

  4. Kris

    Launch bay is already scheduled to become a DVC lounge. More likely the new Avatar land will take over Redwood Creek and Little Mermaid in DCA. The recent article made sure to add the word “resort” anytime someone said Disneyland so it’s likely not in Disneyland proper.

    1. John

      I also watched fresh baked

      1. Mary

        LOL David is the best.

  5. Carol Feeney

    Not a good move.. Star Wars is a better adventure..
    Disney don’t do it.

  6. Leslyn

    I don’t think it will be at DL, I think it will be at DCA, in the Grizzly River Run area.

  7. Mason

    Getting rid of a Star Wars attraction and replacing it with an Avatar attraction. What is Disney smoking?

  8. DeLaunhardt

    ….no one is mentioning the FACT that this “expansion” will probably NOT HAPPEN AT ALL!

    It took Disney almost 6 years to CLONE the Tron Light Cycle coaster into the Orlando park-and there was ZERO new “imagineering” needed to make that happen.

    Disney just laid off 7,000 employee’s-WITH ANOTHER ROUND OF CUTS TO COME! Including getting rid of a bunch of the “creatives” who made all the woke crap that have bled Disney financially for the last several years….

    …not to mention all the DEBT that Iger put the company in during his first go-round.

    Avatar has been the ONLY Disney film lately that has a taste a taste of success (which was helped by the INFLATIONARY FACT that movie tickets now cost an average of $14 where as pre-pandemic they were less than $9). But with how much the film cost to make, as well as the increased cost to market-the “profit” taken by Disney was far LESS than other films that have crossed the 2 billion dollar mark and STILL far less than juggernauts like “Endgame”…..

    After the LONG series of flops that have come from Disney, even Avatars success will still be woefully short of whats needed to bring Disney into “the black’ when it comes to their movies. They have lost BILLIONS on their movies because of mismanagement of Star Wars, Marvel and their animation divisions….

    The BILLIONS lost by Disney Plus isn’t helping either!

    Yes, “Get Woke-Go Broke” is the economic LAW that has led to this disaster….not even the TOWER of woke that exists at Disney can overcome it!

    I say ALL THIS to say that Disney just does NOT have the funds to invest into the parks right now and for the foreseeable future. Iger is looking to cut almost 6 billion from the coffers at Disney that’s why he announced that there will be a TON LESS content being made moving forward-with THAT happening: In what “world’ can you see Disney investing in an expensive ride at the mostly REGIONAL park Disneyland?

    So methinks that a new Avatar ride is just wishful thinking. Both the “Launch Bay” and “Critter Corner” will be safe for now, the foreseeable future and possibly til at least the next generation.

    Disney RIP 2019……

    1. Nicholas

      If you have so much dislike for Disney’s direction why are you here? Do you have nobody to complain to at home. I’m sorry if life is so unfulfilling complaining about companies you disagree with is how you get your kicks.

  9. Seth

    No because Avatar is located in Wild Kingdom

  10. Fred

    I hope not I am not a fan of Avatar.

  11. Jungle Jim

    As a Star Wars fan, I think they could replace Smuggler’s Run with Flight of Passage.

  12. Elizabeth McCallum

    No way bad move Disney everyone loves Star Wars

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