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The corporate side of Walt Disney World has been under some heavy fire in recent news reports. From the search to find Bob Iger’s replacement after the fall of Chapek’s regime to the ongoing feud with Governor DeSantis over the Reedy Creek district, it sounds like Disney’s executives might be losing their grip. However, one man behind the mouse has big plans for the Florida Parks.

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Josh D’Amaro has been on both sides of the limelight in recent reports. From finally witnessing the status of EPCOT’s condition alongside Bob Iger to being roasted by Josh Gad, the president of the Parks has been painted as both a hero and a villain in the audience’s eyes. However, some of his recent statements might cue fans to set their radars on him.

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In the wake of TRON: Lightcycle/Run, D’Amaro let it slip that he has big plans for Walt Disney World. The Orlando Business Journal shared many of the Disney exec’s statements, and fans might want to approach these claims with cautious optimism.

Cinderella Castle and Josh D'Amaro in front of TRON Lightcycle / Run at Walt Disney World

All the Disney Parks are still recovering after the events of the 2020 pandemic, a factor that D’Amaro also addressed, but how will the exec’s plans benefit both the Parks and their visitors?

D’ Amaro commented,

“Our Imagineers, our entire team, are incredibly ambitious about the experience here and how it will continue to grow and evolve… You have seen it at Epcot — it’s totally transforming — and that will continue to transform…

That last remark should come off as a double-edged sword to those with keen eyes on Disney’s property. While it’s certainly reassuring that Disney is moving forward on improving the Parks, like EPCOT, it could also mean making fan-favorite attractions unrecognizable.

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Disney fans have already expressed that not all change is good, and many more would argue that some attractions are sacred. As demonstrated by the controversial retheme of Splash Mountain, and the transformation of Tomorrowland’s Space Mountain, D’Amaro’s plans might be to replace and reform rather than to revamp and repair.

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The hype behind the upcoming Tomorrowland rollercoaster might be exciting, but it also might be a distraction to hide the plans to slowly phase out older popular attraction. Space Mountain has already gone from blue to brown as the TRON attraction looms over it, what’s to stop D’Amaro from doing the same elsewhere?

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There’s a world of difference between words and deeds, but we won’t truly know what the executive has planned until Disney reveals it. D’Amaro has already promised an update to the Orlando Business Journal later this week, and hopefully it bodes well for the Parks and their fans.

Inside the Magic will continue to update this development as it progresses. Until then, tell us what you think in the comments below!


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