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Next to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot has always been one of the foremost experiences at Walt Disney World. Designed as the experimental prototype community of tomorrow, the Park has always had a futurist vibe that offers unique experiences catered to exploration, innovation, and imagination. While many still keenly feel that the Park is still new and exciting, some diehard fans find EPCOT severely lacking. Are these longtime visitors calling Disney out?

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From the inclusion of Guardians of the Galaxy to the upcoming Moana experience featuring the giant Te Fiti, many would agree that EPCOT has undergone some massive changes in the past few years alone. That’s not to say that the Park has lost its iconic space-age quality, far from it. Guests can still thoroughly enjoy attractions like Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Soarin’, and so on. However, some who have been with EPCOT since its heyday are starting to take issue with all the new changes. Even though it’s literally a Disney Park, many are unhappy with the more frequent use of Disney properties integrated with some of the older attractions.

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We’ve covered EPCOT’s use of IP before, but it seems even more fans are taking issue with its “Disneyfication.” A recent Reddit post has fans discussing the rising of Disney characters and the fading of EPCOT originals. The original poster, u/BudTheGrey, shares their thoughts on the matter when the write,

“I always enjoy Epcot — spent nearly 3 days there last trip. But to my 50+ year-old nostalgic spirit, it seems to be heading in the wrong direction. I don’t mind the alcohol at World Affair, that seems natural for what it is. But does anyone else remember CommuniCore? When a great deal of the front of Epcot was about new and future technology, things that would influence the future? I’m sure Cosmic Rewind is a great ride (not my thing, but I get it) — but it really belongs in Hollywood Studios.”

Another contributor, u/HaveGongWillTravel, adds a shares a similar response involving Disney meddling with an EPCOT exhibit.

“Living Seas was legendary when it first opened. Yeah, it needed a refurb, but slapping a Nemo sticker on it was hugely disappointing. How amazing would Living Seas have been if it were focused on modern deep-sea exploration? Disney already had a relationship with James Cameron, who knows about as much about that as anybody these days… such a wasted opportunity…”

While these opinions are understandable to an extent, look at the language they use. So much is looking back to the past while visiting a Park that’s dedicated to the future. Shouldn’t EPCOT be constantly looking for the newest things, with or without Disney’s characters?

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Although it seems Disney might be overstepping their boundaries when it comes to changing established attractions and exhibits, u/Biggoof1971 brings up an excellent point when they add,

“Epcot from before can’t exist in a world where we have tiny computers in our pockets. They can still do fun exhibits here and there but they have to be extremely interactive and fun in order to take up valuable time from a society that has entertainment at their fingertips.”

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It’s been said before that Disney fans are constantly blinded by nostalgia. While that is certainly true for places like the Magic Kingdom, it’s a little shocking to believe that those same fans would want EPCOT to remain stuck in the past. Regardless of Disney’s use of IP, EPCOT is going to be the place that tries to look toward the future. That future might have spaceships and jump points across the galaxy, but it also might be one where we all are finally “living with the land.

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