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Mickey glaring at Cosmic Rewind

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  1. Royz

    Agree. Not ALL Change is Good for Epcot…

    MK and AK manage to keep their iconic attractions, in tact, no matter the minimal interjection of new theme elements..Why is Epcot the park to be 50% changed over?….Is it a symbolic act of the popular bandwagon rebuild the world?

    Not just Epcot, but other places, like McDonalds, we have seen been stripped out of character, in place for a naturalstic Starbucks zen interior. Wha ever generation is at the helm it is obvious that they want to destroy the past as if didnt exist.

    What happens in another 50-75 years? Another generation will do the same to this generation erasing the past and or it will revert back to the nostalgia we once knew.

    Epcot had its place in the 1980s, and thats where it should be left, for the most part…additions of Ratatouille, Nemo, did not erase the core attraction.

    Disney Imagineers and Disney corporate need to put in their mouse ears and liaten to the guests…stopl festering around Epcot withMarvel IP, and out of place IP like Moana (which would have been better placed in AK) Hey Imagineers, do you know what themeing is?, I bet ya they dont in todays world as thwir efforts are clearly seen as a result of corporate budget cuts, and coporate political climate.

    For Epcot Disney needs to stop.. Bring back Communicore, World of Motion, Horizons, Univerese of Energy, Wonders of Life, etc….

    Attractions like Test Track, Mission Space, Guardians Rolercoaster, are evident minimal a thrill ride can be, how minimal the themeing is…it doesnt matter how thrilling the actual ride is without a good theme and storyline. Epcot was opened in 1982 and the idea it was a showcase of learning and reveals of future commercial products…Communicore use to showcase upcoming gaming sytems, video games, products that were all seen as futuristic at the time.

    Why is Epcot the guinea pig here. Again MK and AK, and for somewhat DHS all have retained some iconic attractions from their initial opening days.

    Imagineers, Hello????, anyone home….Whats next Figments Journey to Rebuild the World in Politically Correct Utopia?…..Yea that will really go over well…..Um, how many refits did JIM go theough, and they, the Imagineers still cant get it right nor understand if aint broke, dont fix it…

  2. Gary

    HERE HEAR ROYZ is completely correct!

  3. JBro

    I guess I heard it differently. I heard keep Communicore but keep it cutting edge with the latest tech. Same with what was the Living Seas. Update with what the latest ideas are, dont gut it and put a rehash of the Nemo movie in there as a ride.

  4. Trish Ross

    What is confusing for me is the departure from EPCOT’s purpose: Understanding our Earth to ensure it’s Future and Technology that will change the world.

    Considering Disney has access to the latest & greatest plus upcoming technology, it would not be such a big deal to revamp every few months (yep, technology is outdated that fast). They could easily create a “Millenium of Technology” Building with focused areas for various types of tech: Communications / Animation / Film, etc. This is what they do, after all!

    They could keep it within 100 years and include from then to (up & coming in next 3 to 12 months).

  5. Gary

    Trish might have something there GOOD GOING!

  6. Eric

    It seems people are saying that Disney did the “Future” better in the past! When a Creator does a new thing, it had better be at least as good as their old work.

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