Seth Rogen Roasts Marvel Movies – Claims They’re For Kids

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Bold words from actor/filmmaker Seth Rogen concerning Marvel last week!

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Audiences who know Seth Rogen know that his style isn’t often geared toward kids or families in general. In fact, he has been considered one of the top filmmakers in the “stoner” genre, famous for its adult content, subversive comedy, implied or overt usage of marijuana,  and contrarian attitude toward authority. So, it should come as no surprise that the filmmaker/actor isn’t keen on Marvel films, which often fall outside his wheelhouse, but what is surprising is his admission about the franchise.

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For decades now, superhero films have dominated the filmmaking landscape. Kicking off a renaissance of sorts with Blade (1998) and X-Men (2000), audiences have seen new superhero, or at least comic book films from DC, Marvel, and other comic books, nearly every year to the current date. The genre has drawn in talent from all corners, from Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch to Heath Ledger and Gal Gadot; even Seth Rogen starred in The Green Hornet (2011).

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It only stands to reason, therefore, that filmmakers outside the genre would have a little bit of ire toward the giants in the franchise. Many more traditional writers and directors have voiced their opposition, particularly toward Marvel. Tarantino, Scorsese, and Cameron have all expressed derisive opinions against the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now, Rogen has joined the throng!

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In recent comments to Total Film/GamesRadar, reported by ComicBook, the filmmaker of Sausage Party (2016) and The Interview (2014) said:

“I think that Kevin Feige is a brilliant guy, and I think a lot of the filmmakers he’s hired to make these movies are great filmmakers…But as someone who doesn’t have children… It is [all] kind of geared towards kids, you know? There are times where I will forget. I’ll watch one of these things, as an adult with no kids, and be like, ‘Oh, this is just not for me.’”

Surprisingly, where Rogen differs from other filmmakers who have criticized the franchise came in later comments. Having worked on a superhero genre series (The Boys) himself, Rogen was quick to point out credit where credit is due. Later on, during his remarks, Rogen credited Marvel for setting the stage and creating the landscape for The Boys to be successful:

“But truthfully, The Boys wouldn’t exist or be interesting without Marvel. I’m aware of that.”

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Perhaps there is a grain of truth to what Rogen mentions, that films from Marvel Studios are geared towards children or the inner child. After all, Walt Disney himself put it, “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” So, while it may be true that elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are geared towards a younger audience, it might be good for audiences to feel young again and feel that childlike wonder that comes from watching superheroes on the screen.

Do you agree with Rogen’s comments? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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