One Little Spark: How Seth Rogen Will Bring Figment to Life On The Big Screen

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It was recently announced that Epcot’s beloved purple dragon, Figment, is next in line to receive his own cinematic adaptation. The little ball of fun from the Imagination Institute has been delighting audiences since he first debuted in 1983, and his time to shine on the silver screen is long past overdue.

That all being said, the idea of Seth Rogen and his production company being the ones to do the job has given certain fans more than a little pause.

figment D23 animatronic journey into imagination
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Figment has been filling EPCOT with his spark of magic and wonder since the original Journey Into Imagination opened in 1983. Since then, he’s practically become the mascot or figurehead of the Park, appearing on countless pieces of merchandise, buses, artwork, and even as a large fixture for the EPCOT’s iconic Food and Wine Festival.

To say that the little dragon has become quite popular since the ’80s would be a gross understatement. With his own fanbase, experiences, and even a comic book series, a movie adaptation is the next logical step.

One thing that must be understood before any production company even attempts a Figment movie is that he has one of the most vocal fanbases out of any Parks character. If fans were protesting when Figment was briefly taken out of his ride during the 1999 refurbishment, imagine what they might do if he is even remotely misrepresented on film. Figment’s film debut needs to be as light-hearted and bubbly as he is, and there is very little room for error.

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On paper, Seth Rogen’s brand of comedy and Figment’s cartoony antics don’t exactly sound like two ingredients that would play together nicely. The idea of a Figment film coming from the makers of The Interview and Sausage Party is certainly enough to give many dedicated fans an overwhelming sense of apprehension. That’s not to say Figment will be prone to dropping double-entendres or using abrasive language, but it’s still a choice that not many fans expected.

Although it’s true that Seth Rogen is indeed the man behind Point Grey Pictures and many of their projects, his power over the feature might depend on how the writers treat Figment.

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A movie concerning Figment’s imaginative exploits needs a creative team who can approach the project with a sort of childish outlook on the world, something bright, colorful, and full of wonder. Fans can heave a sigh of relief knowing that Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit of Detective Pikachu can deliver precisely that.

If Hernandez and Samit can bring the world of Pokemon to life in a way that both delighted audiences and represented the iconic characters to the degree that Detective Pikachu did, then there’s no reason they can’t do the same for EPCOT’s dragon.

Figment Fab 50
Credit: Zach Riddley Instagram

Currently, there’s no telling what direction the film might take. It could be a cinematic interpretation of the original attraction with the Dream Finder and his trusty sidekick, a cartoonish comedy with Figment breaking out on his own adventure, or some strange amalgamation of the two, but it absolutely must be treated with the same love and care that went into creating the character in the first place.

Regardless of Seth Rogen’s reputation, level of involvement, or contributions to the Figment mythos from the writing team, fans are hopefully in for a colorful and creative journey into the imagination.

Do you think Seth Rogen and his company will do figment justice? Tell us in the comments!

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