Risky Hack Could Save Guests Hundreds on Disney World Vacation

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One Guest believes they have found the perfect Disney World hack to save money, but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect solution for every Guest coming to the Parks.

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Walt Disney World Resort offers amazing experiences at four parks in Central Florida — Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. Each Park provides a lot of fun rides such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth Ride, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Avatar Flight of Passage, etc.

Families can always expect to have somewhere fun to be and something to do, but taking your family nowadays can be quite costly. With Genie+ being the best way to skip past long lines and having a lot of people in the family can make every meal a lot more pricey than what some families are used to. So Guests have figured a few different ways to make up for this huge cost by cutting costs at different places.

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These “hacks” — small things to cut costs or get something done easier — have led to one Guest posting online one way to save money on the flight to Central Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort. TikTok user Sarah Rachul (@thesarahrachul) posted back in January how she saves on flights. She sends her clothes through the mail to Disney World instead of having her suitcase checked.

Here’s the video of her experience:

my new favorite hack for traveling


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Other Guests have pointed out that while she uses a box to ship her clothes, you can easily ship a suitcase and, yes, save money in the process, but there’s one catch to this process. If you have a big family and everyone ships a separate suitcase, there’s no guarantee that the clothes will arrive on time or even make it to Disney World. The same thing could be argued for flights, but with shipping packages, there’s a lot more variables for what could happen to your belongings.

While the Guest shares her experience from Ohio, other Guests who live across the world would pay a different price than her since shipping is tied to the distance. This means that places on the East Coast might actually pay less for the package, while Guests traveling from New Mexico might pay more, for example. Additionally, Guests who travel overseas will face even more problems as international shipping can be quite unpredictable for their Disney World vacation.

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This risky Disney World hack can be very useful as it will reduce your time at the airport waiting for checked luggage and get you to Walt Disney World Resort faster, and, arguably, cheaper. It’s not meant for every Guest, but anyone wanting to save money to afford Genie+ or to eat at more restaurants like Cinderella’s Royal Table, Oga’s Cantina, and Docking Bay 7.

Money can be a huge aspect of planning for the trip, so finding the best ways to not worry about costs while at Disney World is crucial for any family — it’s the Most Magical Place on Earth for a reason!

Do you think you will ship your luggage for your next Disney trip? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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