Magic Kingdom “Hack” Could Change Your Vacation

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No matter the Park, a Disney vacation is always a big event. Whether it’s a party’s first or 51st time, a trip to the Disney Parks takes a lot of planning. This can be a crucial step for anyone wanting to get the most out of their visit, especially if they plan on hopping to and from all four main Parks at Walt Disney World. There have been several reported “vacation hacks,” but a group of fans has put one to the test.


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As seen in their TikTok above, @themouselets have been taking on a number of different Disney hacks  and testing just how effective they are, and this recent video proves a fact that should be common knowledge for anyone whose gone from Park to Park over the course of their trip. A good rule of thumb for many Disney Park Guests is never start with the Magic Kingdom, especially on the weekends. While the weekends are when most of the Florida natives come out to play, Mondays are when the tourist swarm the Park like sharks on an injured seal.

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Although it might seem like a miniature and minuscule detail, the days on which guests visit their Park of choice can have a tremendous effect on their trip. While it’s usually a good idea to stay away from the more popular Parks, like Magic Kingdom, on the weekends. Even this writer had no idea about Mondays.

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All that time Guests might spend waiting for their favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom during this mass swarm of crowds could be better spent at another park like EPCOT or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Yet another prime reason why having the Park-Hopper option is the only way to go.

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On another note, many Guests have discovered that it’s usually best policy to start with something different and work their way to the Magic Kingdom. Known to some as Disneyland 2.0, the Magic Kingdom is the crown jewel of Walt Disney World and is usually the park to end on rather than to begin the adventure. However, not all scheduling is perfect or concrete. What works for one party of Guests may not work for another. Either way, if @themouselets are to be believed, the data and experience shows that the busiest days are to be avoided to get the most out of one’s trip to the place where dreams come true.

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