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In case you haven’t figured it out by now, visiting any Disney Park on any given day will typically involve a lot of waiting in line. While that’s to be expected for places as popular and densely crowded as the Walt Disney World Resort, some fans are calling for more attractions to be built to ease the flow of crowds.

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The Disney Parks play host to some seriously incredible attractions, from Big Thunder Mountain to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. That being said, some of these big name rides can lead to some serious crowd congestion. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that so many people packed together can often lead to some unpleasant altercations.

However, some fans have shared that one of the best ways to ease the ebb and flow of things would be to introduce “people-eater” attractions into Parks like Disney’s Hollywood studios. These sort of attractions might not do much in the name of thrills, but their large rider-capacities might help spread a few fans out.

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On a Reddit post concerning the subject, fans are already offering up their suggestions for ride-concepts that would work in Hollywood Studios’ favor.

u/ytctc writes,

“[Disney’s Hollywood Studios] DESPERATELY needs people eater attractions with high capacity. It’s tempting to add a ton of thrill rides, but the draw of a new headliner will attract more guests than the capacity can fill up.”

The user later goes on to suggest some “people-eater” attractions that would help ease the anguish of large crowds including,

“Star Wars style Peoplemover… The Peoplemover is the most ridden attraction at Magic Kingdom yet never has a huge wait. It’s great for capacity.”


“Walkthrough attractions. There’s so many options. You could have a Star Wars one themed to a Jawa workshop or Bounty Hunter palace, an old school “behind the scenes” experience, etc. There’s a reason why Animal Kingdom is better at handling crowds despite having higher annual attendance and less attractions than DHS.”

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u/AnotherLolAnon adds a second option, one that seems to be only present at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

“Some sort of transportation around the park. I think every park should have a transportation option and it could really help people who are on the edge of needing an ECV potentially not need one. I think Hollywood Studios could do some sort of 1920s style cable car that goes around the outside of the park stopping at each ‘set.'”

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u/mmrose1980 offers up their suggestion for a larger Star-Wars-themed attraction to cater to a larger mass of riders when the write,

“I would love a speeder bike ride through the worlds of Star Wars using the technology from Soarin’/Flight of Passage. Soarin’ has a high PPO capacity, and the theming would be relatively easy (ride through the forests of Endor, the expanse of Tatooine’s deserts, or star destroyer relics on Jakku, visit the rivers of Takodana, the icy glaciers or Hoth, or the splendor of the metropolitan city of Coruscant in the height of the Republic).”

With the recent discussion of Disney’s frequent use of IP, it might be time to invest in a little more for the Park where it’s both demanded and expected. This isn’t just something that would benefit Hollywood Studios, but EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom as well. Crowds are going to be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to spread them out.

What “people-eaters” would you add to the Disney Parks? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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