Disney Influencers Could Be Coming to an End With Latest Fiasco

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While many Disney influencers are well-meaning and enjoyed by fans, others are taking it too far.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are home to many iconic attractions that bring in Disney Park Guests from all over the world. Families, friends, and loved ones from all over the world visit the Disney Parks, which include Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure.

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While there, Guests are treated to spectacular sights, one-of-a-kind rides, and entertainment offerings that simply can’t be experienced anywhere else. 

With the popularity of Disney, it should come as no surprise that the rise of Disney influencers has become extremely prominent over the last several years.

Many influencers use their vlogging as a way to tell about the latest trends and share what’s going on in the World of Disney. However, there are others who have begun to rub Disney Guests the wrong way.

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Actions like filming on rides, talking over experiences, and breaking the rules for publicity have painted many Disney influencers in a bad light.

Just recently, an influencer went viral for smuggling in sparklers and setting off these open flames in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle all for a picture at Disneyland Resort. Many fans were upset because of the potential danger this could’ve caused and the extra hassle that it put on Disney Cast Members. 

Guest holding a sparkling firework in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, a Cast Member on the phone next to her.

One commenter, which Inside the Magic previously covered, said they had run into a Vlogger who believed Disney should pay them.

“I actually came across a guy on another Disneyland discussion board that said Disney needed to pay him for the publicity his blogging gave the parks. This weirdly entitled attitude is unfortunately very common amongst devout Disney Parks fans.”

Several others on the viral video shared that she was likely banned from the Parks, but nothing has been confirmed.

“Influencers are getting out of hand,” one person said.

“Hope it was worth it because I’m sure shortly after taking this picture, her party was confronted and probably walked out of the Park. Don’t do this!,” another said.

Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue at Disneyland Resort
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Whether you’re going to Disney World or Disneyland as an influencer or just a regular Guest, please remember to follow the posted guidelines and rules. It’s important to be courteous to others, and Disney even reminded Guests of this with its latest website update.

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