Disney TikToker Demands Others Support Cast Member Union Fight, “Use Your Influence”

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Left: A man speaks in a sun-lit room, wearing a beanie and a black tee shirt. Right: Cast Members protest outdoors. Signs read "Full Time Can't Buy Diapers" and "Full Time Can't Buy Formula"

Earlier this month, 96% of Disney World Cast Members voted against a proposed $1/hour raise across the Central Florida Disney Park. The Service Trades Council Union did not return to the bargaining table as expected last week but promises future action and further protest. Amid a homelessness crisis, rampant inflation, and cost-of-living increases, Disney Cast Members want at least a $3/hour raise.

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A few Disney Influencers, sometimes controversial for their behavior at the Disney Parks, have supported struggling Disney Cast Members. Jonathan (@vianapolitano) shared a call to action on TikTok, arguing that Influencers not vocalizing support for the Cast Member Union shows where their priorities lie:


If you legit call yourself a Disney “Influencer” on the daily then this is your time to step up for cast members. #distok #disneytiktok #disneyadult #disneyparks #disneyworld #disneymagic #disneycastmember #disneycastlife #disneyinfluencer

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“Disney’s not going to see my 1,300 followers. They don’t care,” Jonathan argued. “But the 10,000; 50,000; 100,000; Disney will see your stuff.”

While the TikToker pointed out that it’s nice to get perks from Disney, it shouldn’t come at the expense of Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members.

“The Cast Members are there every day for you. Make a video. Instead of eating a churro, how about pulling some support behind the Cast Members?” Jonathan said. “Use your influence to better the lives of these Cast Members who are always there for you every day.”

A woman in a lime green PhotoPass costume poses with her camera in front of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
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“I love Disney, will always love Disney. But you have to call it out when it’s time to call it out,” he continued. “I wish I had your platform or your level of support. But this is kind of like those moments when you use it for the better.”

Jonathan said he doesn’t think Influencers need to stop supporting The Walt Disney Company. “You can keep going to the Parks. You can keep plugging away their new rides or this or that because that’s part of your lifestyle now. But don’t leave the Cast Members behind.”

Commenters overwhelmingly agreed. “It’s ok to call something out that you love,” @the3.mouseketeers wrote. “That just means you care about it all that much more.”

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