Disney Guest Screams at Man Struggling to Get Up After Falling Into Stroller

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The new Magic Kingdom Central Plaza area between Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella Castle.

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Many Disney Parks fans are concerned about increased violence at Walt Disney World Resort. The topic went viral last summer when multiple people were hospitalized following a brawl in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. Some argue that fights are present as ever but amplified by social media and smartphone cameras. Others insist that things have worsened in recent years, especially following COVID-19 Disney Park closures.

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On Reddit this week, an eyewitness shared their recollection of an incident they witnessed at Walt Disney World Resort. While exiting Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom, a male Guest tripped and fell in what user u/waytoointobachelor called “an obvious accident.” Unfortunately, the Guest fell into another family’s stroller on top of two sleeping children.

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“The man who fell had to be helped up by his family while the mom pushing the stroller was berating him,” the Guest recalled. Allegedly, the mother called the man a “F**king *sshole” and yelled that he was “trying to hurt [her] kids.”

Disney Cast Members eventually intervened after a few minutes of the woman screaming. The Guest did not confirm whether Disney Security took either party out of the Disney Park. Thankfully, no one appears to have been injured during this altercation.

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If you have a problem with another Guest during your Walt Disney World Resort visit, locate the nearest Disney Cast Member instead of becoming physical. After the Magic Kingdom brawl last summer, both families received permanent bans from the Central Florida Disney Park for escalating violence – regardless of who started the fight.

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