Disney Gives Classic Villain an Interactive Makeover

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Disney has created some of the most iconic villains in all of fiction. From the evil queen to Dr. Facilier, Disney’s rogues’ gallery has thrilled us and chilled us for decades, but how much attention do they get in the Parks? Apart from special events like their Halloween celebrations and other special events, the villains don’t really get as much attention as they deserve. However, one of Disney’s best baddies has recently walked out with a new look.

@DisneyDan is one of the foremost authorities on Disney Meet and Greets and their costumes, and his enthusiasm for this new take on Jafar is openly shared by other Disney fans. Traditionally, Jafar’s costume has included a full mask ensemble made to resemble his animated counterpart. While this has worked for many years, it’s not exactly the most interactive and it doesn’t allow the characters large personality to shine through.

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In retrospect, the sorcerer of Agrabah should have been made into a face character along time ago. Of course, this isn’t the only instance of Disney making a similar mistake.

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In an appropriately twisted way, Disney could be rectifying a recent ghoulish creative choice by turning Pinocchio’s blue fairy (an obvious face character) into a masked monster with their recent design. Where one was a face character turned creepy by the addition of a dollish mask, Jafar is  an intentionally creepy character turned into a more-approachable full-faced performer. That being said, their uses and performances require two different sets of skills that are utilized in completely different ways.

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The Blue Fairy is a flying character who really doesn’t get much Guest interaction, whereas Jafar clearly attracts more of a crowd. Either way, the newer version of Aladdin and Jasmine’s mystical nemesis is definitely going to turn a few heads. Hopefully, the company picks up on how well Guests respond to this new and improved Jafar and we can expect to see more characters make a similar transition.

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