Disney Cast Member Breaks Character To Deliver Heartfelt Message

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Lion King on Broadway

Credit: The Lion King

Disney is responsible for bringing incredible stories on the screen to life, but their stage productions are incredibly special.  The studio has created award-winning stage productions of Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Aladdin, and even Pixar’s Coco is getting its own adaptation, but few have captured audiences quite as much as The Lion KingIt takes a lot of tremendous talent on and off stage to bring these musicals to life, but one of the cast recently did something completely unexpected.

Simba sings on stage in The Lion King
Credit: The Lion King

The stage adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King is one of the longest-running shows in Broadway history. Debuting shortly after the Oscar-winning animated feature, it has been on stage and on tour for decades, bringing the story of Simba and his adventures to life for millions each year. However, the stage adaptation is far different from the famous movie on the screen, and that can be a lot for some young audience members to take in. While the lions might only be a few inches tall on TV, the elaborate set pieces and costumes make them look larger than life when put in front of a live audience.

Peter Hargrave, the actor portraying Scar in the touring company, was seen in a recent TikTok video breaking ranks and delivering a special message to the audience during a sensory-friendly showing. In full mask and makeup, Hargrave took the time to speak directly to the kids in the audience, many of whom were likely seeing this show for the very first time.


“Bass Hall is all of ours for the next few hours.” @peteyhargrave (Scar) welcomed the audience to our Sensory Friendly Performance of @thelionking this afternoon. Peter, on behalf of the whole cast, made sure the audience knew their full selves were welcome and that he’s actually a sweetheart, even though he plays a bad guy 🧡🦁 . Thank you to the Robert D and Alma Moreton Foundation and the Fort Worth Youth Soccer Association for their support of this historic performance. And thank you to all of our community partners for helping us ensure this performance was accessible and welcoming as possible 💛 @disneyonbroadway #basshall #lionking #thelionking #disney #fortworth #mufasa #simba #rafiki

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While Hargrave is playing one of Disney’s greatest villains, he makes a truly heartfelt and genuine connection with the young members of the audience by briefly breaking character to ensure that everything they’re about to see performed, especially the scary bits, is all make-believe.

Normally, breaking the theatrical illusion is something that would be frowned upon under normal circumstances, but considering this is a special showing for sensory-sensitive audiences, the company has gone the extra mile in ensuring everyone there can enjoy the show. Hargrave and the rest of the touring cast are truly doing their best to make the show more inclusive and enjoyable for all audiences involved. It’s enough to make anyone feel a part of the production’s Circle of Life

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