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To say that Disneyland is doing a lot for the park during its 100 Years of Wonder is an understatement. In fact, many hard-core fans would agree that Disneyland is getting better treatment than its larger cousin down in Florida. With new rides, new attractions, special Meet and Greets, and other such odds and ends, it seems like the Disney company is pulling out all the stops at Walt’s original park. However, one new addition looks more maniacal than magical.

In the tweet above shared by @DisneyDan, fans can see two new flying characters introduced for the new Nighttime Spectacular at Sleeping Beauty Castle. While Baymax of Big Hero 6 is given a marvelous re-creation in full power armor, the flying version of Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy looks like something out of a Horror-Nights-themed drag show. Needless to say, this is far from the quality of detail Disney has shown for the event thus far, and fans are already having a field day with her in the comments.

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By little exaggeration, the doll-like mask for this character is insanely creepy for something from Disney. Additionally, this is something that could have easily been done with a face character. For a time, Walt Disney World had an aerialist dressed as Tinker Bell who performed a flight stunt without the use or need for a grotesque face covering, and that went over perfectly fine. So what possessed Disney to go this route with an otherwise angelic character? Whether it was for additional details, safety, or some combination of the two, we might never know, but fans are sharing their thoughts in the comment section with little disgression.

@SRanger1071 writes,

Baymax looks phenomenal! The Blue Fairy looks like one of those fae that eats children. And why is she flying? She never flew in the original movie – the wings were more for aesthetics & to confirm she definitely wasn’t a Biblical Angel.

And @Stitch31442319 goes right for the throat in their tweet comparing the Blue Fairy to another creepy Disney blunder.

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Needless to say, this character is not being received particularly well. Hopefully, this is only a fixable misstep on Disney’s part. The 100 years of wonder celebration doesn’t end until next year, so there’s still time to rectify this atrocious character design. Until then, Guests will be wishing upon a star that the Blue Fairy won’t haunt their dreams. At leasts fans have a very impressive Baymax to protect them.

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