Disneyland Paris Debuts Stark-Level Tech

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man Far From Home

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Guests who have visited both the American Disney Parks and the international variants will know that the difference between them is like apples and oranges. While the American Parks might be the classic ones that started the entire theme park empire for the Walt Disney Company, Disneyland Paris clearly shows that they have the bigger and better toys. Not only does Disneyland’s Parisian cousin offer different experiences compared to its Californian counterpart, but apparently, they also have Tony-Stark-quality technology.

The footage above shows the debut of a massive Spider-Man theme to light show created by fireworks and drones, and fans are eating it up like Mickey bars. With careful and artful programming, Disney Imagineering has orchestrated these drones into the image of everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man climbing up the side of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

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Needless to say, the American Parks continue to be left in the dust, at least where technology is concerned. This isn’t the first time Disneyland Paris has trumped an American original, and it seems to be a pattern that should be concerning to the original theme parks.

All the characters at Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

While it’s always good to see Disney keeping up with Walt’s popular mindset of “keep moving forward,” it’s also attached disconcerting that while other Disney parks across the pond are getting these massive upgrades, the ones in the states continue to be stuck in the past. Disney should stay classic and retro to an extent, but Disneyland Paris is living in the age of superheroes while its American counterparts continue to bicker about whether or not a ride from the ’80s should be replaced, refurbished, or demolished.

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Some fans say that the progress of the international parks is mainly due to Disney’s limited involvement and their Imagineering departments. That’s how they are able to create bigger and better attractions while still keeping that classic Disney charm. If things keep heading in the trajectory they currently are, the International Parks will be lightyears into the future while the originals are still looking for that Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. The Walt Disney Company shouldn’t look at this as an incentive for American Guests to visit their other Parks, but interpret it as a warning to keep up with the times. He who falls behind is left behind.

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