Guests Fear Disney World Is Losing Its Charm

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The Disney Parks are in a constant state of evolution, and that’s how they were designed. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Walt Disney Company wanting to do more and more to push the envelope. However, that maxim also works as a double-edged sword. While keeping with the times is highly encouraged, being too modern always runs the risk of becoming incredibly dated.

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Disney Guests recently shared their “hot takes” concerning the condition of the Parks, and one popular opinion was how they should maintain their retro themes and aesthetics. Everything from Park popularity to ride conditions was discussed, but the most buzz-worthy thread concerned what Disney shouldn’t change as opposed to what should. u/BardtheBargeman shared their thoughts in the most popular comment,

Said it before and I’ll say it until my dying day: A big part of what makes Magic Kingdom special is how charmingly retro it is, and how unchanged (relative to other parks, looking at you in particular Studios…) it remains after all these years. The Liberty Belle, Tomorrowland Speedway, The PeopleMover, etc… might not be exciting, sleek, new attractions but they have so much character and history I would be devastated to see anything happen to them.

“Everyone already agrees that Haunted Mansion, BTM, Space Mountain and the like are all untouchable classics; I just believe the “boring” and “outdated” rides contribute far more than they’re given credit for.”

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The Reddit user brings up several solid examples that thrive due to their timeless nature. Attractions like the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and the Liberty Belle all have an established identity that exists because they haven’t been changed, at least on a fundamental level. Of course, these aren’t the only retro attractions and elements that Guests continue to appreciate, as stated in another post.

Cinderella Castle Partners statue at Walt Disney World
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Guests have a history of being protective of many classic Disney attractions, and they’ve never had a problem in making themselves heard. The Walt Disney World Railroad recently made a triumphant return, and Guests are thrilled to see the vintage trains rolling into the station once more.

u/btfsame writes,

“The railroad should always run with authentic steam locomotives. Changing it to something more modern would make it lose a ton of the charm…”

Additionally, u/yoitsbell offers a similar sentiment towards a pair of futuristic attractions when they add,

“For the love of god, DO NOT lay hands on my precious Carousel of Progress !!!! or Spaceship Earth, it’s too perfect to ruin with an update.”

And, u/Pachyrhino_lakustai shared their thoughts on a Walt-Disney-made original,

“Enchanted Tiki room. It’s one of the greatest attractions in Magic Kingdom and it would be terrible if someone decided it was “too offensive” because of the people criticizing Tiki culture nowadays.”

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These are just a few shared opinions, but the fact remains that there is indeed an audience for Disney’s retro side. Due to the Parks’ longevity, many of today’s Guests have likely grown up with many of these attractions and rides and there’s likely some element of bias. However, there are still many Park fixtures that have a sort of sacred element that shouldn’t be altered. There’s a difference between refurbishment and modernization.

What retro elements do you think Disney should leave alone? Tell us in the comments below!


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